I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 41

Sŭn, the empty cauldron

trigram Mountain

Gua Poem:
Decreasing inspires trust. Eminent auspiciousness. Without fault. Permitting determination. Fruitful to proceed probing. What can be used? Two platters are permitted to present the offering

The great image says: at the foot of the mountain is a marsh: decrease. The noble one controls anger and restrains passion.

Hex.41 is complementary to hex.31.

  Sŭn: the ideogram and the story (NEW) What does it mean for your question?

  Top 9: Not decreasing increases it. Without fault. Determination auspicious. Fruitful to proceed probing. Acquire servants without family.
Trigram Mountain turns into Earth. When there is nothing decreasing them, things will grow and prosper. Life is about survival, it will find its way even when nothing helps it along. Start with simple means or a few people, and they will grow and multiply if you let them.
(Changes to hex.19 Nearing)   Mirror

  6 at 5: Someone's increase. Ten pairs of tortoise and nothing is able to contradict it. Eminent auspiciousness.
Trigram Mountain turns into Wind. When you master the art of decreasing, it will spread wide. It will not only enrichen your own life, but also everyone you meet. They will be able to show their true character and create genuine relations. It is the core of friendship, love and trust and even peace between nations.
(Changes to hex.61 Inner truth)  Mirror

  6 at 4: Decreasing one's afflictions, and sending the message swiftly brings joy. No fault.
Trigram Mountain turns into Fire. Make others want contact with you. Clean up yourself, be tolerant and clear – nobody wants an arrogant, rude or smelly friend, neither an insecure or grovelling one. Make yourself your own best version and it will shine on your surroundings as well.
(Changes to hex.38 Squinting)  Mirror

  6 at 3: Three people moving, then the rule is decrease by one person. One person moving, then the rule is one finds a friend.
Social relations change often. Someone can leave with or without any clear reason. When you go back to who you really are, just you, someone will be drawn to you because there is a real person there. It is the only way to make solid and true relations.
(Changes to hex.26 Cultivating the Great)  Mirror

  9 at 2: Harvest: determination. To set things right: pitfall. Not decreasing increases it.
Trigram Lake turns into Thunder, new energy, change, decisive moment. Don't let your ego or someone else make you forge ahead, but find the right time. Intuition will tell you how to find balance, where nothing will get suffocated but also nothing will go to extremes. Be a guide for others and yourself, not a boss.
(Changes to hex.27 Nourishing)   Mirror

  Initial 9: Personal affairs, swiftly proceeding is without fault. Consider to decrease it.
Trigram Lake turns into Water, expanding boundaries. Do not become a slave of yourself, of your duties or wishes. Do what you are good at, but know your limitations, delegate when there is someone you trust and who has the knowledge and skills.
(Changes to hex.4 Ignorance)  Mirror

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