I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon


trigram Fire

Hexagram 38

Kuí, Squinting

Gua Poem:
Looking askance: small matters are auspicious

The great image says: above is the fire, below is the marsh, squinting. The noble one is similar and yet different.

  Kuí: the ideogram and the story. What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.39.

Top 9: Squinting and alone. Seeing a pig with mud on its back, a cart loaded with ghosts. At first drawing the bow, later relaxing the bow. No bandit, a marital suitor. Proceeding encountering rain: as a rule auspicious.
Make your looks and actions comprehensible for other people. If they have to guess about you or your aims, they might guess wrong and shoot. Never expect them to accept you just like that, give them reason to trust you. Show your intentions. A meeting is always tense until each knows the other, then comes relief.
(Changes to hex.54)

6 at 5: Regrets go away. Their ancestor bites through the skin. Proceed, how can it be faulty.
Often it is scary to take the first step towards people. Most people don’t even conceive the idea, they see differences as obstacles instead of appreciating them. Once the contact has been made, the reward is usually great. But the greatest profit is having the guts to do it. These guts will shape your entire life differently, because everybody is always waiting for the one who initiates the contact.
(Changes to hex.10)

9 at 4: Squinting and alone. Meeting an eminent man. Associating truthfully, danger. Without fault.
Learn to be alone. As long as loneliness is a problem, one embraces the first best person without seeing his negative sides, and the problem will only become bigger. A need is a bad guide in life. But when you happen to meet someone worthy, then listen, think, exchange, find both the values and the shortcomings in it. Make good use of it.
(Changes to hex.41)

6 at 3: Seeing the cart dragged, one's oxen pulled, one's people with bent head and cut off nose. Without a beginning, there is an end.
All people are different. One can make an issue of it, a straight discussion, and in the end someone will be injured. One can make a lighthearted repartee and it will be a mutual pleasure. The same starting point, but the outcome depends on the road one chooses, the road of being put in the right or the road of interesting exchange.
(Changes to hex.14)

9 at 2: Meeting the lord in an alley. Without fault.
Meetings, with people or ventures or ideas, don't need to be perfect. A sudden encounter, an informal chat, a silly idea, they can cause the start of something big. Or they are just a little fun, a nice time or an interesting lesson.
(Changes to hex.21)

Initial 9: Regrets go away. Lost horse, do not chase it, it returns by itself. Seeing evil people, without fault.
Many situations can be solved by waiting instead of action, often even especially then. Do what you want to do, but refrain from reacting. It is not you, who reacts, it is the situation causing you to. And if you suspect someone of doing harm to you, then wait with action until you have real proof. Then you act according to reality, instead of reacting to emotions.
(Changes to hex.64)

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