I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the sun": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Sun


trigram Heaven
trigram Heaven

Hexagram 01

Qián, time and timing

Gua Poem:
Eminent - expansion
Harvest - determination

The great image says: Heaven moves: firmness. A noble one owing to his own strength never ceases

  Qián: the ideogram and the story. What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.2.

Benefit of 9 (all lines changing):  A flight of dragons appears without a head. Auspicious.
Real creativity surpasses everything human. Only if not one human thought or wish does exist, creation is possible. Only pure energy and the absolute moment can incite matter.
(Changes to hex.2)

Top 9: Overbearing dragon. There is regret.
In the realm of the spirit, one can only follow obediently the universal laws. What deviates from them, is always wrong. If man tries to lead according to his own human laws, he shuts the door on universe, and life will fail.
(Changes to hex.43)  Mirror

9 at 5: Flying dragon in heaven. Fruitful to see a great man.
When the creative spirit becomes visible, it influences everyone who has a spark of it. One's own thoughts and behavior and everybody who is able to see. Associate with valuable people, who are able to give or receive value.  
(Changes to hex.14)  Mirror

9 at 4: Somehow dancing in the abyss. Without fault.
To find new ideas, dare to dance in the abyss and to relinquish certainty. Inspiration isn't found within fixed rules, old habits or formalities. Creativity isn't making something happen, it is allowing it to happen through you and the tools you work with.
(Changes to hex.9)   Mirror

9 at 3: The noble one is the whole day creative creative. In the evening he is alert like in danger. Without fault.
Go ahead if Dao goes ahead, turn back if Dao turns back. Stay in tune with the universe, nobody can ever go another way than Dao and still keep his strength and good fortune.
(Changes to hex.10)   Mirror

9 at 2: The dragon appears in the field. Fruitful to see great people.
Whatever one shows or does or even thinks should be genuinely and truly himself. Only oneself appearing is shining. Associate with people of value, good and bad are both contagious.
(Changes to hex.13)   Mirror

Initial 9: Submerged dragon. No employ.
Not acting is not enough when it is not the time for acting; the mind has to be without acting. Like the stag, he does not know about rut outside the mating season.
Every action needs rest like seeds need winter. Only then one can react to season, time, Dao and find action at the right moment. The most important part of any action is knowing when the time says not to act.
(Changes to hex. 44)  Mirror

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