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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon


trigram Lake
trigram Heaven

Hexagram 43

Guài, the ring of authority (or Speaking Staff)

Gua Poem:
The ring of authority, raise it at the king's court. Proclaiming truth is dangerous. Statements come from the capital. Not fruitful to undertake war. Fruitful to proceed probing.

The great image says: The Marsh is above Heaven: resoluteness. The noble one gives a salary to those below, he stays in virtue and so aloof.

  Guài: the ideogram and the story (NEW).What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.23.

Top 6: Without crying out. In the end there is a pitfall.
When others trust you or rely on you, you are obliged to be open and straightforward. Tell them your plans, actions or decisions and be open to theirs. Same goes for yourself and your own dao: listen to the universe, do not deceive yourself, forget your own ego. Be open to yourself and to the gods.
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9 at 5: Amaranth land. Very resolute. Walk the middle way. Without fault.
When eradicating weeds, one has to be extremely thorough, but not in such a measure that the crop gets damaged. Not thorough enough and the weeds will grow back. Too thorough and one will lose other possibilities which may be important.
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9 at 4: The buttocks without skin. One moves poorly now, holding on to a goat. Regret goes away. Hearing the words, no belief.
You made decisions and some of them you will regret. It is life and it means you lived it. Don't regret them, even though some were wrong, or could have been done differently. Live the now without regretting the past or you will not live at all.
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9 at 3: Vigor in the face has pitfalls. The noble one is very resolute. Moving alone, encountering rain, overwhelmed by soaking, meeting displeasure. Without fault.
To be unique is to be never understood. To be unique is to be alone. You are the only person in the world who can be you, so you have to do it all by yourself. Everyone else will make you something else
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9 at 2: Fear and cries in the evening and night. There are weapons. Do not worry.
When you prepare yourself, you can defend yourself against attacks, and very often you will not even need to worry about anyone trying to. Even fate has respect for the one who is prepared, and does not easily hit him. When a tribe sets up camp, they post sentries so the rest can sleep. Don't bother with what is not your concern.
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Initial 9: Vigor in the advancing toes. Not mastering proceeding one causes distress.
Every step is important. It is not just one step in a row of steps, every single one is a Step. Every part should express the whole. One wrong word can ruin a book, one expression can ruin a relation, one thought can ruin a life.
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