I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 02

The field

trigram Earth
Trigram Earth

Kūn: the ideogram and the story (NEW). What does it mean for your question?

Hex.2 is complementary to hex.1

Gua Poem (the invocation):
Field, eminent - expansion
Harvest - divination about a mare
The noble one proceeds probing
As pioneer he meets with confusion
In the rear he finds a master
Fruitful to find friends in the Southwest and to lose friends in the Northeast
A determination about peace

The great image says: The basic disposition of Kun is female. 
The noble one carries everything with great generosity.


  All lines: Fruitful: everlasting determination.
Dao is the field that supports and brings to life everything, all beings. Dao has no action at all of its own, and that frees the way for creation. When everything is receptivity, nothing stands between man and universe. If man can merge with a thought, an action, an ideal, then nothing can stop him. See 'contrasts'.
  (Hex.2's contrast is 1 Timing)

  Top line: Dragons struggle in the wild. Their blood is black and yellow.
Not accepting the change of times means one brings about a life full of difficulties. One does not only fight what happens, but more than anything else one fights oneself. Make clear choices, there is no in between.
 (Hex.2's 23 Stripping  Get to the bottom of it and decide ruthlessly)  Mirror

  Line 5: Yellow skirt. Eminent auspiciousness.
No need to show who you are, it shows in what you do. The heart shines through the outward appearance and actions. Who is strong does not need to raise his voice, a good ruler does not need to display his authority.
 (Hex.2's 8 Stand by: Cooperation without coercion)  Mirror

  Line 4: Enclosed in a bag. Without fault, without praise.
A ready-made judgment or choice of good and evil narrows the mind and makes it unfit to follow the time. Earth gives every being room for its own Dao. Silence and acceptance are powerful tools, they can heal both your heart and your relations.
 (Hex.2's 16 Weaving Images: Share your dreams and inspire others)  Mirror

  Line 3: Concealed qualities permit determination. The consequence are king's affairs. Without accomplishment, he completes.
One's inner pattern decides what one accomplishes. Honor is of no use, dedication does the job. It is the road to important achievements.
 (Hex.2's 15 Respect: Doing things the way they want to be done)  Mirror

  Line 2: The land received is great. Without skills there is nothing that does not bear fruit.
Without doing, nothing not done. One accomplishes what one is or lives, not what thinks to do. Greatness accomplishes great things.
 (Hex.2's 7 Leader: Natural discipline is being one with what you do)  Mirror

  Initial line: Treading on hoarfrost, hard ice is arriving.
Every thing and every time has its Dao. The earlier one sees its signs, the better one can act according to them - or retreat from harming ones.  One’s degree of sight and insight decides about the direction one’s life might take. One's ability to act or withdraw timely decides if it actually will.
 (Hex.2's 24 Recover The return to your soul should never be far away)  Mirror

  No lines changing: the best reaction to this situation is to be who you are, open to receive an impulse. It can be an idea, a plea for help, a necessity to support or providing space.

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