I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the sun": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Sun


Trigram Wind
trigram Earth

Hexagram 20

Guān, the Heron

Gua Poem:
Contemplation. Hand washing and not yet sacrificing. Having truth like reverence.

The great image says: The wind blows over the earth: observing. The ancient kings inspected the whole country. They contemplated the people and set up education.

  Guān: the ideogram and the story. What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.34.

Top 9: Contemplating someone's life. A noble man, no fault.
If your life is good in your own eyes has a lot to do with other people. You can accomplish great things, but it is the simple fact of love which tells about its value. If your heart is noble counts heavy. If your mind is intelligent or creative or elevated above others counts very little, if anything at all.
(Changes to hex.8)  Mirror

9 at 5: Contemplating my own life. A noble man, no fault.
Look at your life as if you assess a stranger. See your own good and bad sides. For both one needs honesty, both are difficult. Look without pride, but with love, and important: with sense of reality. Not your intentions count, but the results. Both in the world and in yourself.
(Changes to hex.23) Mirror 19.2-23

6 at 4: Contemplating the honor of the state. Fruitful to make use of being a guest of the king.
In order to guard abstract values, one has to be practical. To honor the king is a good thing, but to keep him alive comes first. A country may need a good king, but in the first place a living king.
(Changes to hex.12)

6 at 3: Contemplating my own life. Advancing, withdrawing.
Look to what your own life is and needs, and let your advancing and withdrawing be decided by that. Not by rules, custom, demands of others, fear, reactions, whatever. Live, and make sure that you really live.
(Changes to hex.53)

6 at 2: Contemplation with a narrow view. Fruitful: woman's determination.
If you can see only a small part of something, then stay nimble and open. Creativity can do a lot with few possibilities, if one refrains from a predetermined course, always ready to answer to the moment.
(Changes to hex.59)

Initial 6: Youthful contemplation. For small people no fault. For a noble man distress.
To see without consequences is not of much value. Seeing can make consciousness, or understanding, or helping others, solving trouble, whatever. Seeing goes farther than the eyes.
(Changes to hex.42)

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