I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The energy of the day of the moon

Day 160 of the Chinese year: 6th moon, day 10.


Deng Ming-Dao
Taoist practicing sword
  Today, Wednesday July 15 2020, is the 10th day of the 6th moon in the Chinese almanac, day 160 of the year. If you have the beautiful book of Deng Ming-Dao, "The Lunar Tao", you can find the 'color' of this day: 'The blade leads the breath" (picture at left). If you have the Shenshu, it is poem 160 (yes, all numbers of the poems up to 327 are the numbers of the moon-day!)


Shenshu poem 160
A man leans against a building
With many worries
Advance in an unconcerned way
Then matters start to be free from worry
  It is the same basic meaning: for a big effort, you have to channel your energy in the right way. It is 'the way of water': yielding instead of using force.

  In the Stem and Branches this is yin water. And in the hexagrams it is hex.12! If you don't have the support of higher powers, when Heaven and Earth don't connect and you meet obstruction, then you need to find your own way to make things happen. Not by pushing with all your force, but by yielding and moving through the cracks of what is still possible.

  Link to the list of all days with Stems and Branches, hexagrams, moon-phase and Sabian Symbols.
  Does it actually describe the day? For me it did: I attacked all those things which refused to be solved in the past months, and I got them all finished or just needing a small final action. They were like that big building, causing me many worries.
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