I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Opening Shenshu's big gate


Shenshu discoveries

This morning I had a conversation with the Shenshu.

I have sent the manuscript for the paperback to Amazon at least 15 times. Every time they reject it. "Not flattened, wrong size", but when I fix all of that, it still gets rejected.
So I asked Shenshu before uploading it:

"Shenshu, can I send the paperback file in to Amazon?"
Answer: 243
For one who knows about karmic rules
One finger suffices to turn around
One who persists in error
Is repeatedly seduced and does not walk from it
So, no use sending it in again, there is still something not right, I think.

"Is it an error in the file?"
Answer: 060
A beautiful beautiful woman
Stop involving your heart
A person in a carriage
A boat in flowing water
I want and worry too much about something not attainable?

"Is it an error in my mind?"
Answer: 371
The Dao of fire is restrained by water
Water extinguishes its light
The flow of water is torrential
From a distant source flowing on and on
I am fire, being a Sagittarian, water is damaging me…

"Is this water a person or something in my mind?"
Answer: 102
Peace comes when stagnation reaches its peak
Do not worry about everything
One only needs to foster vitality and happiness
Produce some good deeds and go somewhere one belongs
A little bit of cleverness and all is truly yours
Well, seems to be my own mind or my own decisions

"Should I stop worrying about the Amazon paperback
and start with epub?"

Answer: 345
Who says that a home town has no flavor
Drifting about across lakes and seas to the far corners of the earth
You are allowed to sigh
At mid-autumn the moon is hiding
In spring the rain is pouring
So many flowers wither
A traveler on a long journey will always remember home
Amazon is far away, I should do things here at home?

"Should I concentrate on 'here' with ebooks (which have no 'country')"
Answer: 112
You didn't exhibit a hero's will yet
Do your utmost without fearing trouble
Handle predictions of weal and woe with courage
In the Northwest contend for the front degree
I live in the Northwest of Holland…

"Should I stop 'making' and start showing (all the things I do)"
Answer: 203
Outside the door heavy affairs pile up
You meet many women
Even though a virtuous woman helps cleverly
What is indistinct ends up difficult to cure
I think I can switch between men and women, but I still have to do things in a clear way. And clear up what has already been done.

"Stop entirely with book-making and start ‘marketing’ (which is most of all just doing what I love and MAKE OTHERS SEE IT)?"
Answer: 002
The earth has spirits
Very solemn and dignified gods
They rejuvenate the country
and assist the state
They respect the ruler and protect the people
Use and spread the gifts which are everywhere, and stop fighting

"Are my own worries destroying what I want?"
Answer: 301
You come by free time and you spend it with a master
Casual meetings with a person
Healthy in old age
Inner laughter causes vitality (litt spring)
So I need to make myself healthy and happy before anything else.