I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon


“Shén Shù”
the Spirit Numbers of Zhuge Liang

Shenshu casting tool

Yijing (I Ching) casting tool with coins

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The Tongshu almanac, the original home of the Shenshu.

Shenshu discoveries

(questions and answers)

Shenshu oracle published!

The hardcover Shenshu oracle can be ordered!

sample PDF with 26 spreads (52 pages)

Many poems have interesting background stories

Every poem which has a story has a link, but in the Shenshu-stories-page you can find them all in numerical sequence.
Interpretations of the poems HERE
The struggle to get it published at Amazon

Six pages of the hardcover Shenshu

Two pages of the paperback Shenshu

Same size (A5 horizontal) but 322 pages.
No photos on the pages of the poems, but with the same illustrations of the background stories as the hardcover version.
Price not yet decided.

Pages which are identical in both books


Stories of backgrounds

The third version will be an ebook

I will have it ready in 2019, but I cannot give a date yet.