I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Guà Jìng - Yáo Ying

Hexagram Mirrors - Line Reflections
(line pathways)

The mirror of 30.1-56.1-30.6-55.6

About when to use or follow the truth and when the show.

 30.1: Treading is staggeringly. Respect it. Without fault.
 Honor what is real even if it doesn't make a show.


 30.6: The king makes use of going out on an expedition with a celebration, chopping off heads. The catch is not the enemy. No fault.
 Make a show if necessary. It can steer reality.


 55.6: In Feng screening off his house from his family, peeping through his door, living alone without people. In three years not seeing anybody. Pitfall.
 Do what you think is right. It is more important than appearances and traditions.


 56.1: The wanderer is trivial and petty, chopping up his position and seizing calamities.
 Act with cautiousness and be careful about how others see you and your acts.

Mirror groupings 30.1 and 29.1 are contrasts.

(all yang lines of Mirror 30.1 are yin lines in Mirror 29.1 and vv)

Mirror grouping 29.1 is about when to enter a situation and when to stay out of it.
Mirror grouping 30.1 is about when to use or follow the truth and when the show.

How I found the Mirrors and how they work

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