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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

A bagua reading

Sometimes there are so many things to do, that you hardly get a chance to live in between. For a while that doesn't have to be a problem, but if it lasts longer, you get stressed. I needed a way to make all those things "do themselves". Of course I know it doesn't really work like that, I am still the one who has to do it. But it can be hard work, or it can be as if you have wings. I wanted those wings. So I cast a BIG reading, a BaGua reading of 9 hexagrams.

BaGua reading
I gave the cards my own colors, other than Han's colors,
so I could recognize meanings intuitively according
to my personal feelings.

The center is the base of the reading, and here it is hex.8. That made a lot of sense, of course. Find helpers, work together. But it also means, to coöperate with yourself. To be relaxed, to keep the goal in mind and do everything for it, but not to expect any overnight succes, and not not to fuss about setbacks.
Hex.8 is about Yu, who coöperated with all lords to give the Yellow River a new bed, so it would not flood anymore - let the water stream to the ocean, don't let your mind get flooded.

At left center is the beginning: hex. 57. "The noble one conveys mandates and accomplishes affairs". Don't bury yourself at home, but tell people about your actions and wishes. I did, and I found helpers and resources, which made the work much easier.

Left above: hex.1. This is where the connection with the ouside world happens and where things grow. Hex.1 tells me that timing is very important, and also laws. Everything and everybody has its own structure, if I reckon with those innate laws, Heaven will assist me

Top center, visibility in the world, hex.35: use everything as good as possible, increase it where you can, and "display my bright character". Some bragging does no harm, on the contrary, it will show the world how motivated I am and that I have trust in myself.

Top right: hex.16. This is the place where helpers and resources can be found. I need helpers with enthusiasm and foresight. "The ancient kings composed music, honored virtue, with dancers worshipped the Lord on High. They associated with the deceased ancestors." I have tried to make everything I do as good-looking and valuable for others as possible. I can only make others enthused if they can see something beautiful, and if we have a great time together.

Right center: hex.10. Difficult to figure out. If I want things to do themselves, then 10 would be the way to look at them... "Discriminate between high and low and give ambitions their suitable position". Establish my priorities, stay realistic, focus on what matters, and tread carefully.

Right below, what I can add, my creativity: hex.32. Love this one - I should follow my own track, my dao. That is where my strength and endurance come from, and every good idea.

Bottom center, what do I learn myself: hex.7 This was the first one I could put in use. Discipline, if something has to be done, then start now. But I shouldn't waste my time on unnecessary stuff, and neither skip anything. Never procrastinate.

Left below, tangible results, hex.39. The most enigmatic one. I think it means to go ahead intuitively, every moment finding out what can be done and what is not (yet) possible. Where a door opens, what comes on my path, free from expectations and open for miracles. The question was how to make things do themselves, so this position, the place of tangible results, does not say if there will be any or not, it says how to make them come into being 'by themselves'. Wilhelm: "Thus the superior man turns his attention to himself and molds his character". What I am will cause results.

The two red arrows show connections between hexagrams. Where they differ just by one line, that line has an emphasis. One place giving opportunities for another place. Hex.8 in the center works towards the results at left below. "Standing by bad people" - so that is very important to avoid.
Between 35.6 and 16.6 is another connection. Be careful with pushing ahead too forcefully - but stay clear about your plans.

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