I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hex.49, Leopard Change and Tiger Change

  In 49 top line the noble man (Junzi) changes like a leopard. At left the traditional and the Bronze character.
   The Junzi doesn't especially change himself, he brings about a "Leopard Transformation". A slow and detailed change, often in the background, into a new situation.

The leopard change is an expression: bàobiàn, to go from rags to riches. A transformation which takes time and attention to detail. It is like the finely detailed pattern of the leopard's fur. It can change things for others as well, but hardly noticeable, especially in the beginning. After a while they will (maybe) realize that it is different than in the past.

   In 49 line 5 the great man (Da ren) changes like a tiger. At left the traditional and the Small Seal character.
   The great man also doesn't especially change himself, he brings about a "Tiger Transformation". A fast change, drastic or even dramatic and very visible, into a new situation.

The tiger change is spectacular, like the black-yellow stripes of the tiger, and like his magnificent appearance, which inspires awe. "Even before the augury truth is evident". Others have to agree with this transformation, because it will change things for them, and not in small ways.

  This is the character 'change': transform, become, change into, perform (magic/etc.), changeable, adaptable, disturbance, incident. It is more than just a change, it is a 'change into'. Not 'into tiger', but Tiger change into ...

"Small men shed the skin of the face"
Below at left modern and at right old bronze and oracle bone characters for 'shed face'. Often the ancient 'face' is already depicted as just an eye, like in the modern character.


''Shed' is the name of hexagram 49. It is removing something, dismiss, expel.
'Shed face' means to reform ostensibly/superficially. It is not a bad thing, just not very effective.

It might be possible that a Wu (shaman) could 'turn into a tiger/leopard' in order to convince people. Both for himself and for the people his message would carry more power, more connection with the spirits.

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