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Hex.40 line 5, the one who has solutions

July 4, 2020


   Jiě, the name of hexagram 40, means release in many ways. To separate, divide, cut apart, take off, dissolve, dispel, dismiss, explain, interpret(ation), understand, ideas, views, solution.
   In line 5 the noble one "wéi" has solution. What is this "wéi"?

The small seal character wéi: fiber or 'organism of filamentous organization'.
At left a skein of silk, at right a small bird.

  Noble one fiber has release. Auspicious. Have trust at small men.
  There is no 'his' in the sentence.

  Meanings of wéi: fiber, fishnet, thinking, thought, 〈math.〉 dimension, the ropes of the system, organism of filamentous organization (such as fiber), join, connect, maintain, save from damage, discipline, department, corner, link, maintenance, support, missing, due to, only, alone, and, auxiliary: used in the beginning or part of a sentence.
  Richard Kunst translates wéi in his dissertation (1997) as 'tether-rope'.

  Junzi fiber. I think it means "nobleman's fabric". A noble one has the kind of mind which 'has release'.

Noble ones have a 'fabric', a mind, which can leave others free enough, doesn't force things. A mind like this can also come up with solutions, can support someone, can unravel thoughts and structures and solve problems.

  Youyie means 'have a solution', so it is more than only giving or allowing freedom, it is also solving things or helping to solve.

Noble ones are able to release, to leave free,
to bring solutions.


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