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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

"Old man, old woman"

Dec. 18 2019


venerable man
  In hexagram 28 there are an old man and an old woman. Actually 'venerable', nothing derogatory here. When the man gets a wife, great. When the woman gets a 'scholar husband', no blame no praise.


wife (woman consort)
  For feminists a reason to balk. But maybe it means, that the value is in women. An old (or venerable) man means a man who lost his strength. He cannot fight anymore.


venerable married woman/wife
  An old (or venerable) woman means she cannot bear children anymore. When creation stops, things are the way they are, nothing much will change anymore. 'No blame no praise'.


scholar husband
  Being creative is 'what you are', but being strong is 'what you do'. The yin or female side of things, versus the yang or male side. When there is a shortage of yang, 'things' slow down but life still goes on. When there is a shortage of yin, life itself slows down.

So, feminists should not fret about it. The lasting value can be found in yin.

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