I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon



My real name is Lotti Voute. I was born in Switzerland, but my parents moved in 1947 to the Netherlands. My mother was Dutch, and my grandparents lived there. We moved into my grandfathers house in Leiden, until my parents found a house near Haarlem. My father was an engineer at Fokker, conducting investigations on the safety and strength of airplanes.

When I was 24 and couldn't see anything worthwhile in the world, I met Anton Heyboer. He had a deep knowledge of the essence of what life means. He was married to Maria, but since he was an artist, it was no problem to live all together. Our life was dedicated to art, not to family life.

In 1974 and 1975 two other girls joined us, and we still live together now, four women. Usually we all call ourselves "Heyboer", because everybody knows us with that name. Anton died in 2005.

We live in a little village to the North of Amsterdam, between a region which is now a national park, with moors and lakes, and a public park with a big lake, which is a home for innumerable migrating birds. They can rest here before flying on, because the lake is too deep to freeze in winter. I made many photos there: you can find them here.

I am making a huge website about "everything" of our life and art. Almost every day I fill in more pages, pictures, stories. There is already an older website, with black pages, but that is not covering our whole life, just the last 10+ years of Anton's life. It is too old and littered to add to it, but I keep it. It is part of our past.

When I came into Anton's life, I found an YiJing (Wilhelm's I Ching). It intrigued me so much, that I have been working with it ever since. Slowly understanding more of it.

Since 2013 I am cooperating with an artist, Marjan Pennings, who makes paintings of each hexagram. She also wrote stories about her impressions of our life, what she saw here and what I told her about it.

I wanted to have a different name on my website, so I looked for Chinese characters of the first part of my full name Liselotte - Li Se. I found "li, call of waterbirds like cranes" and "zi, child" (pronounced zuh, very much like 'se' in Lise). But zi is also a term of respect, so I was not sure if it was right to use it. I asked Yi and the answer was 61.2: the crane calls its young (zi)...

LiSe - Calling Crane (and answering young crane as well)

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