Hexagrams and hexagram-pairs
   01 The 6 dragons of heaven
   01-02 Heaven force and earth energy
   03-04 youth
   05-06 asking or demanding a change
   07-08 fighting for your land
   09-10 walking one's daily life.
   11-12 blessings and decrees.
   13-14 being one of all - being all of one
   15-16 teamspirit and inspiration
  22 Beauty/energy of life and moxibustion
  29 Hexagram 29 and patterns
  31-32 Completing - and fixing the omen
  59-60 The measure of all things
On every hexagram-page, there is a link to the page where more information about the hexagram and its pair can be found. Not all have that link: it is a work in progress.