Hexagram 27

Trigrams: inside thunder (Voice), outside mountain (Individual)

cheeks and kneeling man with animal’s head

   The master says: 

The master says: When you see hexagram 1, the sun that is making warm the wet of the condens of the night, there makes this the oxygen we can breathe and live the days. It is the saying yang. The wet is taking off on the leaves of the trees and on the leaves what grows and makes this oxygen.
Now we have hexagram 27. It has connections with this yang named as the first saying of the reason from the being on earth of the man as yang. The oxygen of the 1st hexagram is the most essential food to be alive. Nr.27 is the same saying in the lower vibration. It is to take the material food in the body. Is done by mouth and cheeks. Also this must be health and so it is with the words who go out the mouth and which words the mouth let go in. To stay is real health, that what go in may only be the tao it means the way, the true and the life. Words who come and has not this in it, the cheeks close. The other half of the hexagram is a man with a dog’s head. In the first announcement of yang in hexagram 1 we concluded that only yin is earth and energy. We concluded too that yang has no material existence, it is going to happen in the universe that makes the earth turns and there is day and night on earth and that makes the places where thee changing from warm in sun and more cold in night makes the dew on the leaves. It is called yang and this means also man. In man is in this only a part of this universe and this turning from the earth. This makes that man only exist out a vibration. It is the tao that gives on what is the real vibration that makes the man even on God and that he gives is surrounding the health. And the stay young in their heart. The dog’s head means “don’t make the mistake that the man is a material existence”. He is only a vibration and the dog comes the most near to feel and to live out this vibration. It means the yang as matery has only a duty and not an existence. The dog’s head says in full power “Duty”. Duty to give off tao vibrations and no more than that.

Created 30-10-01 by Anton Heyboer