Hexagram 64


Not yet across

Not yet across, expansion
The little fox crosses over in the mist
It wets its tail
No ground for harvest

The great image says:
Fire above water: not yet across
The noble one is cautious when differentiating things so that each finds its place



Only when darkness too is involved can there be creativity. Only where no form exists, all forms are possible, all is open.
  In a real work of art, it is the hinted at, but not spoken out, which gives the illusion, the beauty. It takes form in the beholders eye. Every time a different form, every time a new creation.
  The fruits of art have to be ‘not yet’, the abundance of summer, before the harvest.


4: a picture of a luxuriant tree. Its original meaning was 'abundant', and it is also the 8th Earthly Branch (late summer, animal is sheep). Now its meaning is 'not yet' and my opinion is, that it indicated the time of year when everything was at its maximum development, but fruit were not yet ripe. FE2331, [M7114], LiLéyi 348, GSR.531
JI4: water or a river (2) and a field of grain, all being alike (3 and 3a), meaning uniform, equal, of equal length. Meanings: a ford, to ford, to cross a stream; to relieve, to aid; to succeed, to be up to standard; to benefit, benefits. 
JI3 it means: various, numerous, elegant and dignified.


6 at 3: Not yet across, setting things right: pitfall. Harvest to wade across the big stream.
You can only cross the next river if the previous one has been mastered, so finish one thing before starting the next. Your mind should be able to focus, if it has to jump to and fro, nothing will be accomplished. And 'things' seem to have a mind of their own, they react to your lack of attention.

(Changes to hex.50)


Above 9: To inspire confidence when drinking liquor. Without fault. Soaking one's head and inspiring confidence: losing it.
A free mind is not a loose mind, on the contrary. So think and talk with a balanced clear mind, that is the way to reach others in a positive way. Talk with a drunken head and nobody will follow you. It will turn against you and might even destroy you.
(Changes to hex.40)
9 at 2: Dragging one's wheels. Determination auspicious.
Don't let anything make you move faster than your own pace, and move even a little bit slower. Your speed goes down, but your strength and oversight go up. Learn from your sewing machine: the low speed is the power speed. 
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6 at 5: Determination auspicious. Without regret. The light of the noble man has truth. Auspicious.
To make chaos yield all its creativity, let your light shine on it and make the possibilities emerge.
Intent does not work, it can at the best cause something human, but never something alive, no art, no love. Put your whole self in it. Of every possibility or opportunity, half is always out there, half is in you: it is up to you to put them together.
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Initial 6 : Soaking one's tail. Distress.
When you act, then act, do not react. An action needs power and drive, if you are ready to turn back when things turn against, your action lacks energy. You waste it on apprehensiveness, instead of putting all in your aim. 
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9 at 4: Determination auspicious, regrets disappear. Zhen benefits of attacking the Gui region. Three years he gets rewards in the big state.
It is the battle between light and dark which makes creativity and life emerge. The light side and the dark side will both make no progress if they are on their own. They need each other.
(Changes to hex.4)


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 4. The big state = the state of Shang.
Line 5. The light : glory or lustre.