Hexagram 63


Already across

Already across: expansion
Small harvest: determination
At the beginning
auspicious, at the end chaos

The great image says:
Water above fire, already across
The noble one takes thought of misfortune and guards against it



Nature knows nothing about fixed order like man does. ‘Everything in its place and stay there’ as if he is training his dog. Nature knows equilibrium, an organic interplay of all creatures, things, climates, everything. When one thing changes, everything moves toward a new balance.
People who have a mind like nature are healthy, happy and good. When they are disturbed, their mind moves toward a new natural wholeness. They are not rigidly organized inside, they have an inner symbiosis of all aspects of their personality. It is a mind of Chan, of Zen.


JI2JI4: a pot of food and a man turning away from it, or belching. He has finished eating. FE2197, [M453], GSR.515c: to complete, finish, exhaust, all, entirely, since, after; particle of perfect tense. 
JI4: water or a river (2) and a field of grain, all being alike (3 and 3a), meaning uniform, equal, of equal length. Meanings: a ford, to ford, to cross a stream; to relieve, to aid; to succeed, to be up to standard; to benefit, benefits. 
Pronounced JI3 it means: various, numerous, elegant and dignified.


9 at 3: The high ancestor subjugates the Gui region. In 3 years he conquers it. Small people are of no use.
Conquering and subsequently keeping things can only succeed with patience, tenacity, perseverance, purposive ness. In other words: with a strong character. One moment of inattention or weakness and all may be lost. 
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Above 6: Soaking one's head. Danger.
Never be sure of success. If you want to keep it, then stay the way you were when you made it. Success has to be made and made and made, it needs you to go on. If you turn around, it will collapse behind your back.
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6 at 2: A wife losing her veil (- of the carriage?). Do not pursue it. The seventh day you acquire it.  
Do not lose your dignity by chasing after your dignity. Just wait, and the things you deserve will come to you, because they belong to you. 
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9 at 5: The Eastern neighbor slaughters an ox. Nothing compared to the Western neighbor's Yue offering in really receiving his blessing.
Never get used to plenty. Keep seeing life as the thing one has to make new every day. Full of expectancy, looking for miracles, asking the gods for blessings, surprised and grateful when all goes well. When prosperity becomes ‘normal’, one might lose it one day, and moreover not be able to live penury anymore
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Initial 9 : Pulling-back one's wheels. Soaking one's tail. Without fault.
When everything is in its place, then move calm and easy. Hurry and rashness can cause the equilibrium to collapse. Better too slow than too fast. 
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6 at 4: Among the pretty clothes are outworn ones. All day long on guard. 
Who has an open eye for signs of decay, even when everything seems fine, can remove them, or he can foresee hard times and future disasters, and eventually avert them.
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For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE    
Line 3. Gui: literally 'Devil's people', they lived across the Zhou border and often annoyed them. (For the Gui probably the Zhou were the devils).
Line 4. ' Frayed silk have clothes (wear) rags'... Wilhelm translates 'The finest clothes turn to rags'. Ru can be frayed silk or a plug, so "plug a leak with rags" is another way to translate this line. I leave the decision to the reader. 
Line 5. The Yue sacrifice is a spring offering, a small one, because there was not much yet to offer.