Hexagram 62


Across the small pass

Small trespass, expansion, harvest - determination
Permitting Small Affairs
Not permitting Great Affairs
The flying bird leaves behind its sound: it is not fit above, it is fit below

The great image says:
Above mountain is thunder, small exceeding
The noble one exceeds in respect in actions
exceeds in sorrow at funerals
exceeds in thrift at spending


day 30 of a yin moon

   The things you do are usually irreversible. So be careful. Especially in small matters, because in big things one is more aware of the risks and effects.
   Death is definitive,
and also all the feelings involved, so give extra attention to the things that happen, and the feelings of everyone. The same with spending money, so be thrifty and careful. The impression one makes on others is also irreversible, so pay attention to behavior and aura.

   When misfortune hits, then meet it with respect.


XIAO GUO: The first character, xiao: 3 grains of rice or sand - small. The second, guo, is a pass in a mountain, also meaning the completion of an action. 2 the steps, 3 the foot, together the crossing. 4 Is a skeleton, maybe the cut in the mountain-ridge.
GUO4: to pass, to pass by, cross over, sign of past or perfect tense, beyond the ordinary or proper limit, transgress, excess, fault, to blame.

A bit more on 61 and 62


9 at 3: Not passing, (but) on guard. Someone might follow and injure him. Pitfall.
Do not defend your cause or ideals too much, in order not to provoke aggression. Grand ideas have to fit in reality, if they don't, then do not cling to them. Their value is not how they sound, it is how they work. 
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Above 6: Not meeting him (it). Passing him (it). The flying bird is caught in a net. Pitfall. This is rightly called a calamity and a disaster.
One cannot do everything one wants to do, not even if one has the right to. It has to fit in reality, in circumstances. Stay within the borders of safety, of common sense, of experience - or you will be struck by disaster. 
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6 at 2: Passing by one's grandfather. Meeting one's grandmother. Not reaching to one's chief. Meeting his servant. Without fault.
The high road is not always the best road. Playing it safe may give a smaller result, but it is a certain one, and it might even be a road to the bigger result. Follow your own standards, not those of others, the world, or whatever else which is not truly yours.
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6 at 5: Shrouding clouds, no rain from our Western fields. The duke hits with a string-arrow over there in a cave.
If you have an intuition but nothing concrete, nothing conscious, then act with caution, but donít refrain from all action. Try something, make a guess, everything is better than freezing. You may hit upon it, but if you get paralyzed, you will stay stuck.
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Initial 6 : The flying bird causes a pitfall.
For cooperation and understanding, and also in order to avoid harm, one has to have a consistent face. Not changing your looks or manners all the time, reacting rash or thoughtless, venturing on something different all the time.
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9 at 4: Without fault. Not passing (but) meeting him. To proceed is dangerous, it is necessary to be on guard. Do not use a long-lasting determination.
Panicking and running away from a danger causes often just the opposite: getting deeper in. Be on guard and flexible, evaluate the situation because it is dangerous. But facing it is safer than turning oneís back on it.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 30: A false call unheard in attention to immediate service
The sieve of
everyday reality has narrow holes
Above 6 corresponds to i 30: The great stone face
Keep your ideals within the borders of your life, or extend your life to match your ideals, but always make the two correspond
6 at 2 corresponds to a 30: A Daughter of the American Revolution
Not eager for another revolution
when life is good
6 at 5 corresponds to g 30: A secret business conference
Kindle a match, but only light the fire after serious thought. 
Initial 6 corresponds to _ 30: A peacock parading on an ancient lawn

9 at 4 corresponds to e 30: The Halloween jester
Hit the truth, but donít get hit by the answer


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 1. Flying bird or the flying up of the bird