Hexagram 60


The measure

Restraint, expansion
Bitter restraint does not permit determination

The great image says:
Water at the top of the marsh: limits
The noble one delimits number and measure and deliberates upon ethical conduct


day 28 of a yin moon

   A very rigid hexagram, but giving value to the most free means of expression. Living moment after moment makes that possible. Restrictions need expiring dates, so every new cycle will have its own new energy. Life becomes a composition. Not the notes but their rhythm and succession make the music.
   Play your own song on your own flute. If your pitch is right, you will able to join in with others, and they with you. More about 59 and 60


JIE: A man (3) is kneeling before a pot of food (2), about to start eating: 'approach, thereupon, attain to'. At the top bamboo (1). 
JIE: knots or joints of bamboo or other plants, degree, rank, regular division, juncture, circumstance, regulate, discriminate, to moderate, frugality, rule, law, baton, tessera, token of authority, capital of pillar. A part of a book, season, period of time or music: chapter, term, time-interval, holiday. All these meanings have to do with a certain amount. A bamboo-tube was used for standards like the pitch in music, measure of capacity, weights.


6 at 3: Not gathering restraint, the consequence is gathering laments. No fault.
If one's nature is not to restrain oneself, one gets into trouble. Don't lament it too much: it is part of what you are. If you accept yourself, then accept the trouble too.
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Above 6: Bitter restraint, determination pitfall. Regret disappears.
The spirit should be restrained as little as possible. Fertility needs stimulation, if there isn't any, the field stays empty. Allotted size, space or time are not really important, but light and dark should be without limits. 
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9 at 2: Not coming out of gate and court, pitfall.
You have your own rhythm and pitch, but if you never play with others you may find yourself off-tune and not able to join in with songs anymore. Do not take habits and opinions (yours or theirs) for granted, but always stay open for the different and new.
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9 at 5: Sweet restraint, auspicious. To proceed brings honor.
For safety there have to be rules,
and even to guarantee freedom some things have to be restrained. People will gladly accept such rules, and the ruler who makes them is a good ruler.
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Initial 9 : Not coming out of door and court, no fault.
Give your actions your own size and do not exceed that. Do not answer to demands or accept values, words, situations or people which do not agree with your own nature.
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6 at 4: Peaceful restraint, expansion.
If a person is nice or not depends largely on his ability to keep himself in control in an easy manner. Don't identify your personality with your ideas or convictions, so you will not feel attacked if someone disagrees with you. 
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to c 28: A baldheaded man
The old folks said: too much sex. Science says: hormones.
Above 6 corresponds to i 28: A fertile garden under the full moon
9 at 2 corresponds to a 28: A modern Pocahontas
Saving an enemy might prove to be saving a friend
9 at 5 corresponds to g 28: A large aviary
Organize flying but don't cut wings

Initial 9 corresponds to _ 28: A woman pursued by mature romance


6 at 4 corresponds to e 28: The king of the fairies approaching his domain
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 1 and 2. The door from the house to the court, and the gate out of the court?
Line 6. Bitter is literally 'old herbs'.