Hexagram 57


The Seal

Seal-assignment. Small expansion
Harvest: to proceed probing
Harvest: to see the great man
The great image says:
Following winds: seal-assignment
The noble one conveys mandates and accomplishes affairs


day 25 of a yin moon

   The blueprint or the seal that one carries, decides all what one is or does. It penetrates every action like wind or roots can enter anything. It has no name, often its existence is not even known, but it is always there and directs everything one does or thinks. It decides the way one listens or looks to the world.
   The emperor bestowed a seal to those who were able to carry out his ideas, and whom he trusted. The seals one carries inside come from Gods or devils, from parents or heredity, from muses or experiences with nature. Some seals can destroy a life, other seals can influence the world.


Xłn: The character represents a stand (3), with seals on it (1), and a pair of hands (2). The hands are a later addition. 
XUN4: humble, yield, mild, submissive, insinuating, resign (like - throne).    
More about hex.57and 58,  and lines 2 and 6 of 57. 


9 at 3: On the brink of one's seal. Distress.
Don’t be so stingy with yourself. Open up and dare to do or give those little things which bring joy. They are the bargains of life: small investment, big gain.
(Changes to hex.59)

Above 9: Seal assignment, below the bed. Determination about losing one's qualifications and abilities: pitfall
Accept your seal, don't hold on in a fixed manner to your abilities or support. Every predefined idea you have, be it positive or negative, will prevent you from being or becoming what you are meant to be, or finding inspiration.
Or, more practical: Trusting people too easily, accepting low quality, letting things go, then one's life and actions will lose their qualification. Not only in other’s eyes, but in one’s own as well.

(Changes to hex.48)


9 at 2: Seal assignment, below the bed. Use numerous chroniclers and shamans. Auspicious. No fault.
Accept your seal humbly and completely, do not try to understand, but open your intuition and believe in miracles. Your own attitude will attract all you need, you don't have to use tools to find it. Least of all the tool of thinking, which is a tool of arrogance. You do not know anything, it knows you, if you are only you.
(Changes to hex.53)

9 at 5: Determination auspicious. Regrets go away. There will be harvest. Without a beginning there is an end. Before Gēng three days, after Gēng three days. Auspicious.
Slowly and gently one weaves one's seal into everything one does or is. It is an unceasing process which gives one's life and all one's actions one's own pattern. Even an unborn child is already shaping his life. The result of this process is a character and destination which can hardly be changed anymore,
like the liquid metal which is very hard after cooling  down. So be careful with the moments when you still can shape things.
(Changes to hex.18)


Initial 6 : Advancing and retreating. Harvest: a military man's determination. 
Be severe, just do what you feel you should. Follow your orders. Your actions are the soldiers of your mind, don't accept deserters, or lazy or irresponsible ones. Don't talk yourself into avoiding the trouble. Dare to be or do what you want to be or do.  
(Changes to hex.9)


6 at 4: Regrets go away. Catching three kinds of game in the hunt.
When something is accomplished, that is not the end. Let it live on, so it blends in with your life. Give feelings a chance to be expressed and shared, hope and pride to be seen, deeds to be acknowledged. Celebrate everything, nothing is insignificant, nothing should pass unnoticed and get forgotten.
(Changes to hex.44)
The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 25: A flag at half-mast
Top and bottom both are life, but in between…
Above 9 corresponds to i 25: The purging of the priesthood
9 at 2 corresponds to a 25: A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder
One feels always a warning when evil comes near.
9 at 5 corresponds to g 25: An oriental-rug dealer
Create or find your own pattern and use it to shape your life

Initial 6 corresponds to _ 25: A large wellkept public park


6 at 4 corresponds to e 25: An X-ray
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
The image: 'Following' is almost the same character as the name of hex.17. The same components, but arranged differently. It is to follow compliant, adapting.
Line 4. After a victory, a big hunt was organized for the celebrations. Three kinds of game were a good sign. This battle would enter the annals of history.
Line 5. 'Before' and 'after' are literally 'ancestors' and 'descendants'. Geng is the seventh Celestial Stem, and the seventh day of the ten-day 'week'. It is yang metal, associated with the West and grain, and it indicates change, the transition to a new period. The ideogram is a tool for threshing grain. It means change, restore, to reward, road or age. With little dots added it means 'empty  husk' or prosperous or repose (obviously the situation after threshing, the moment of Geng itself is hard work). Geng is also the name of a constellation, according to Mathews' the evening star: it lengthens the day. When 3 days have passed after geng-shen-day, it is jia-zi-day, the first day of a new cycle, but also the day of the battle at Muye, where king Wu conquered the Shang. This line changes to hex.18, where it says: before Jia 3 days, after Jia 3 days. 
Line 2 and 6. see here