Hexagram 56

Itinerant troops

Small expansion
determination about wandering is

The great image says:
High on the mountain there is fire: Itinerant
The noble one is clear minded and cautious in imposing punishment and does not protract lawsuits


day 24 of a yin moon

  In every country, even far away from home, one finds the same universal rules. Human rules can differ fundamentally, but the voice of the gods is everywhere the same.
  Who hears these voices can speak all languages on earth, he will find safety and a home wherever he is. God and Allah and Manitou and Buddha all come from the same source, only the names are different. So speak and behave from out this source, and accept the human rules as being part of the local landscape. Adapt to them with extra care, to make up for being unfamiliar with them.
  In every unknown and new situation, behave like being in a strange country.


LÜ: Two (or many) men (4) under a flag (2) or maybe a tree (3). It resembles the right part of hex.1's name, but here it has probably nothing to do with trees. 
LÜ: travel; stay away from home, troop, itinerant troops, an army division of 500 men, multitude, retainers, many, younger men of the family, arrange in a series, one after the other, set forth, extol.    


9 at 3: The troops burn their lodgings, lose their boy-servants. Determination danger.
When a dangerous task has to be accomplished, it is better to burn one’s ships. Fear is strong, but without a refuge it is easier to cope with. When troops start marching to the war, they remove their camp, so the decision is definite.
(Changes to hex.35)

Above 9: The bird burns its nest. The wandering people first laugh and afterwards cry. They lose their cattle at Yi. Pitfall.
In new circumstances - new people, new place, new experience - one should be extra careful. One does not know what might happen, so be prepared for everything. Expect the unlikely and weapon yourself against it. 
(Changes to hex.62)


6 at 2: The wanderer comes to a resting-place, cherishes his belongings and acquires a boy-servant. Determination. 
Satisfaction with one's life makes a resting place to a place of rest. To be happy with everything, not longing for more, different or better is the key to feeling at home. One does not 'find' a home, one makes a place a home. 
(Changes to hex.50)


6 at 5: He shoots a pheasant, dead with one arrow. In the end praise and an assignment.
Do - and show - the best you can. When people know your value they will easily grant you the recognition and position you deserve. Same goes for yourself: just do the best you can and your soul will feel satisfaction and ease.  
(Changes to hex.33)
Initial 6 : The wanderer is trivial and petty, chopping up his position and seizing calamities.
A first impression is extremely important. Often it cannot be undone, and even if one can show one's real intentions later, it will never be really convincing.
(Changes to hex.30)

9 at 4: The wanderer is in a resting place and obtains his traveling-expenses. My heart is not pleased.
Finding safety and rest and the means to sustain oneself are important, but the heart needs safety and riches too, spiritual ones. First of all it needs inspiration, and for that it must be touched. 
(Changes to hex.52)


The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 24: Mary and her white lamb
Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go
Above 9 corresponds to i 24: An inhabited island
Even when you think there is nobody, be prepared for anybody.
6 at 2 corresponds to a 24: A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south 
With jealousy: war. Without: paradise.
6 at 5 corresponds to g 24: A woman entering a convent
Not disappearing but appearing
Initial 6 corresponds to _ 24: A mounted Indian with scalp locks
Quite impressive

9 at 4 corresponds to e 24: Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man
One idea can touch millions


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 2. Can also be: a determination about acquiring a young servant.
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