Hexagram 55


Drums of victory
(the garrison)

Gua Poem:
Abundance expansion
The king serves it
mourning suitable at noon

The great image says:
Thunder and lightning arrive together: abundance
The noble one decides lawsuits and carries out punishments


day 23 of a yin moon

  Sometimes somebody has a grand vision, so big that he can win all for his plans. The real secret of his success is not just the vision, it relies on his guts, his ability to convince, his trustworthiness, the power of his actions and most of all on the mandate of heaven.
  Nowadays we call that good luck, but why then do some people have good luck all the time, and others never? Follow those who seem to be subscribed to good luck. Their good fortune will be yours too.
  How does one find that luck oneself? By having guts, having the ability to convince and give power to ones actions through ones own conviction, by being honest, and by trusting the gods unconditionally and going on even where the road seems impossible.

"Serve" see here

FENG: Ears of grain or shoots of foliage (1) and below either a threshing floor (2) or a ritual vessel (3). Like an ancient picture of a cornucopia. It was the name of Wen's city, from there he attacked the Shang.
FENG: a kind of ritual vessel, loan for luxuriant, abundant, plentiful; bounteous


9 at 3: In Feng rain-curtains. At midday one sees froth. Breaking one's right arm, no fault.
Inspire yourself, imagine your life, your deeds, your feelings. Inspire those around you. Inspiration is the driving power of all great things that humanity ever accomplished. Your imagined story surpasses the rational and normal and may lack effectiveness, but life will acquire greatness.
(Changes to hex.51)

Above 6: In Feng screening off his house from his family, peeping through his door, living alone without people. In three years not seeing anybody. Pitfall
You are the center of your life, so be present there. No reason can be important enough to screen yourself off. See all that happens and react if necessary, make your own fate, donít let fate just happen and donít let others decide about your fate.
(Changes to hex.30)


6 at 2: Feng was so obscured at noon the Dipper was seen. To proceed brings suspicion and hate. Having the power to inspire, Fa gathers. Auspicious.
Circumstances can be totally frustrating. So imagine your life, according to what you truly are or want. Some write their life in concrete, others in their mind, it does not matter how you write it Ė just do it. Your conviction will make others join in. When one has the mandate, one can act, no matter how bad the omens are or how much doubt others have.

(Changes to hex.34)


6 at 5: The pattern emerges, bringing reward and praise. Auspicious.
For leading the battle, any battle, you will have to show yourself, your pattern. Only then others will coöperate, and only then your direction will be clear and strong. When that emerges, nobody and nothing will be able to stop you.
If you are not the leader, then make sure you follow one with a clear goal and a strong ethic.
(Changes to hex.49)
Initial 9 : Meeting the associated lords. For ten days, no fault. To proceed brings honor.
Abundance is a question of following a guideline. It may start with an impulsive action, but after that it needs continuance. A great harvest needs hard and steady work, reliable cooperation and time. So if you find an ally, stick to him, work together. Do not change your course or enter new ventures, but go on the way you are going.
(more about lines 1 and 4 HERE)
(Changes to hex.62)

9 at 4: Feng was so obscured at noon the Dipper was seen. Meeting the lord of Yi. Auspicious.
Sometimes times or moods are so gloomy that nothing seems to be possible. Meet your enemy! He might be the one you need. Sometimes the very things which hold us back contain the energy which can help us to gather the strength to go on.
(Changes to hex.36)


The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 23: An animal trainer
The best ones use inspiration.
Above 6 corresponds to i  23:  Spiritist phenomena
Add dreams and mysteries to your life.  But when life itself can not enter your front door, its demons will sneak in through the back door like thieves.
6 at 2 corresponds to a 23: Meeting of a literary society
Words are abstract things, but they can convey everything the heart needs to say
6 at 5 corresponds to g 23: Two awards for bravery in war
Initial 9 corresponds to _ 23: A jewelry shop

9 at 4 corresponds to e 23: A bunny metamorphoses into a fairy


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE    
Judgment: for the Yi-sacrifice see Marshall's excellent book 'The Mandate of Heaven' (page 'sources books'): "In the Feng-ceremony King Wu requested blessings from heaven"
Line 1. 'Affined' or: one's equal lord, related, kindred, congenial, allied. 'Ten days" was the usual period for a divination: for the coming ten-day week.
Line 2. Fa is the personal name of King Wu (see Marshall).
Line 4. 'Barbarian lord' or Lord of Yi, or a lord who is one's equal. This line changes to hex.36, which has the same character Yi in its name! This lord was a war-lord, it was important to have him as an ally (see Marshall).
Line 5. 'Composition' or rules, clarity, a badge, pattern. According to Rutt it is a jade baton, an emblem of distinction.
Line 6. 'See' is get audience, see face to face. 
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