Hexagram 52



To make stable one's back, not holding on to one's body
To move in one's court, not seeing one's people

The great image says:
Joined mountains: stability
The noble one does not permit his thoughts to go beyond his situation


day 20 of a yin moon

  Find back the roots of your essential being.
  One can only find one's base, one’s own territory, by turning away from the world. This does not mean to leave it, but as long as the world has any influence on actions, thoughts or feelings, one is not truly oneself. There will always be an inner distance.
  Without this distance one will move in accord with the deepest self, every movement will be in harmony with the time. When the time asks for action, nothing will stand in its way. If it is time for stillness, no effort is needed to obtain it. Life is now, is here. Everything that goes beyond the situation of now and here is impairing.
  When the self is strong and pure, contact with the world stays clean. Words will be true and essential, deeds will not exceed what is right, and one has a natural selection of what one accepts from others. True is hard as stone.


GÈN: The character represents a person turned backwards (2) with a big eye (1): not moving along with others, but resisting every influence: being an individual.  
GÈN: arrogant, stubborn, resist, anger, obstinate, stop, stand still, defiance, haughtily, to glare. In the Mawangdui: root or base, cause, beginning.


9 at 3: Stabilize one's limits. Arrange one's ambitions. Danger of poisoning the heart.
A life with too many rules, limits, dogma’s and fixed values is not alive. Tao is not written down anywhere, your heart is the only one who knows – if your heart has enough freedom.
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Above 9: Magnanimous and stabile. Auspicious.
A clear and easy conscience is the gateway to a calm and balanced mind. Everything one does unto others reflects back upon oneself. 
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6 at 2: Stabilize one's calf. No rescue from what follows. One's heart not happy.
Do everything in your own pace, not letting yourself get whipped up. Fate is always watching if you are still on your own road, in your own timing. If you leave it, it can make you come down hard.
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6 at 5: Stabilize one's jawbone. The words have order. Regrets disappear.
Think before you talk. Impulsivity may have a charm of its own, but it also has a habit of being off the mark. A wrong word can cling to you for years, it can hurt deeply, and very often it cannot be recalled. It is not closer to your truth, often thinking gets closer.
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Initial 6 : Stabilize one's toe. Without fault. Harvest: everlasting determination.
Walk in your own life. Do what you think you should do, not what others try to make you do. ‘Others’ can be people, or wishes, adapting, fears, everything which is not your deepest root.
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6 at 4: Stabilize oneself. Without fault.
Finding oneself starts with the mind. The first step is always insight or inspiration. Nobody manages to stay entirely clean, like a newborn baby, so one is not oneself just like that. Life is on all sides surrounded by Maja, illusion. One of the greatest rewards is when one looks beyond illusion. There one finds one’s strength and one’s truth.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 20: An automobile caravan
All going the same road, all poisoning each other
Above 9 corresponds to i 20: A table set for an evening meal
6 at 2 corresponds to a 20: Gondoliers in a serenade 6 at 5 corresponds to g 20: A hidden choir singing
Initial 6 corresponds to _ 20: Wind clouds and haste

6 at 4 corresponds to e 20: A woman drawing two dark curtains aside
Find the light of no-thing.


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE 
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