Hexagram 49


Skinning on Si-day, then truth
Eminent - expansion, harvest - determination
Regrets disappear

The great image says:
In the middle of the lake is fire: skinning
A noble one, by regulating the times, makes the seasons clear


day 17 of a yin moon

Cast off what is obsolete or wrong, or not right for the coming times. Take away a skin or other outside that hinders life. Not all skins can grow, the ones who cannot have to be renewed when the time has come.
   It has to be done at the right time, when the old is on the point of breaking, and the new has the possibility to grow. Like the snake sheds his skin at the exact right moment. Sì-day is the day of the snake, the best possible day for skinning.

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GE: The character represents probably an animal skin, mounted on a frame of tied-together branches. Part of it (1) might be rams horns.
GE: leather; hide, dismiss; expel, perilous.

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9 at 3: Demand (or effectuate) that things be set right: pitfall. Determination: danger. When talk of skinning has gone round three times, it inspires confidence.
Too soon and too late is both wrong. Don't follow every rumor, but don't tally either. The moment one is sure, one can act, and only then one will find the real participants.
 There are no fixed rules for changes, one has to feel one’s way.
(Changes to hex. 17


Above 6: The noble one changes like a leopard, small men shed the skin of the face. To set things right: pitfall. Settling-down determination: auspicious.
Be content with the results when everybody acts as best he can. Asking for more will bring about failure and bad feelings. A change is for the better, not for perfection. 
(Changes to hex. 13           Harmen about the panther-change

6 at 2: On Sì-day, then skinning is correct. Auspicious. No fault.
A revolution is only fortunate when the time is assisting. Possibilities can be awakened when they are ready for it, and when the circumstances are favorable. If one missed this point, it is no use to force anything, but if one hits the right moment, one can make great turnovers.
(Changes to hex. 43


9 at 5: The great one changes like a tiger. Even before the augury he inspires confidence.
Who acts and reacts open and honest and clearly visible, will find belief. Openness has more power of expression than any explanation. He is the one who can persuade others towards the good changes.

(Changes to hex. 55
Initial 9 : Bind them using yellow cattle's hide.
There are always innumerable reasons why one thinks change is impossible. Evaluate them critically - very often they are other people's reasons and one has adopted them too easily. What is common is usually not creative.
(Changes to hex. 31

9 at 4: Regrets disappear. He inspires confidence in changing the mandate. Auspicious.
To bring about something viable and strong, one has to follow one's own belief and motivation. What is accepted from others and does not carry this own inner conviction, weakens the result and prevents it from becoming an organic whole.
(Changes to hex. 63


The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 17: A volcano in eruption.
Some animals seem to know beforehand
Above 6 corresponds to i 17: An Easter promenade.
6 at 2 corresponds to a 17: The germ grows into knowledge and life. 
Many germs never find the fertile earth. You got it, in your imagination.
9 at 5 corresponds to g 17: A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude. 

Initial 9 corresponds to _ 17: A battle between the swords and the torches.


9 at 4 corresponds to e 17: A woman the father of her own child.

This year, 2001, is a year of the snake. If you want to change something, this might be a good year for it... If you want to know which days are days of the snake, then buy a Wan-Nian-Li in a Chinese bookstore. It is a calendar. Once you know the character Si (looks like an S) you can easily find all snake-days. A WanNianLi is cheap and it lasts about 100 years.
Line 3. 'Set things right' might also be: marching (too) correct, or: to go on a punishing expedition.
Line 6. 'Set things right' or go on a (punishing) expedition or to go on a trip.
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE