Hexagram 48


The well

Changing the city, not changing the well 
Not dying away, not increasing
They go, they come, always getting water
Almost reaching the water and not yet actually hauling up water, or breaking one's pitcher -

The great image says:
Above wood there is water, a well 
The noble one encourages the toiling people to stand by each other


day 16 of a yin moon

   Life is psychogenic. If there is an inner spring, everything receives refreshing water. To make life alive, there must be a source.
   So dig a well, keep it clean and drink from it, then the water will always be fresh and pure. Donít depend on an occasional shower,
it works only temporarily, when it is over, everything will dry up again. But your own well never dries up. The source is always there, but it will only fill the well if it is being taken care of. 
   Never leave the place where your well is situated.



JING: The character represents a well curb, the wooden or stone frame of a well or of a mine-entrance. Some say it is the way of dividing the fields among 8 families, in the center is a common field with the well. 
JING: well.

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9 at 3: The well is dredged, no one drinks. It makes my heart ache. One might draw from it. The king is bright, together we receive its blessing. 
If something does not work, then look at it from all sides, think about it, direct your attention to it. Solutions need fostering, they are not simply there or not. Even if you cannot figure out anything, if it has your attention, then out of nowhere some idea will come.
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Above 6: The well is gathering. Do not cover it. Inspire confidence. Great auspiciousness.
Accept inspiration when and how it comes, from yourself or others. Do not expect, prepare, analyze or postpone - just get your bucket and draw from the well. Inspiring or being inspired or happy is your own making, it is not made by circumstances.  
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9 at 2: The well is a gully, they shoot bass. The jug is worn out and leaking. 
Even the best well can only stay clear if one looks after it. Even a rich mind or a splendid thought has to be developed and kept alive.
But if you cannot drink the water, and there is no good jug, then enjoy the bass you can get. Make use of what a situation offers you, don't demand what is not there. 
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9 at 5: The well is a clear cold spring. Drink. 
Do not try to find inspiration, it cannot be summoned. Just make your mind and heart and soul clear, and it will well up in plenty. Be like the well itself, its inside is empty, open to receive the lavishing waters. 
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Initial 6 : The well is muddy, no drinking. Ancient well, no birds. 
Birds don't drink stale water, people don't listen to stale knowledge. Not the knowledge revealed decides about the value of wisdom, but the life it contains and passes on. 
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6 at 4: The well is masonry lined. No fault
Never resign yourself to a low spirit, a depression, lack of inspiration, unhappiness. Do something about it! Anything you can think of: a doctor, a dog, health-food, a guru, leave what should be left, or do what should be done, write or talk, sing or dance, do something crazy or conduct a ritual. Give your soul a myth.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 16: An orangutan
Use your head. He too has brains,
he uses them.
Above 6 corresponds to i 16: The flow of inspiration
9 at 2 corresponds to a 16: A man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him 9 at 5 corresponds to g 16: Boys and girls in gymnasium suits
Initial 6 corresponds to _ 16: An old man attempting vainly to reveal the mysteries

6 at 4 corresponds to e 16: A girl's face breaking into a smile
Smiles are soul-talk


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE