Hexagram 47


Enclosed tree

Confined, expansion - determination
Great people
Words are not believed

The great image says:
A marsh without water: confined 
A noble one incurs fate on fulfilling his aspiration


day 15 of a yin moon

   Remember your garden! Life can be big and interesting or full of duties, but happiness dwells in a small and limited place, a secret garden. There the tree of life is growing. Never stay out of there too long.
   The tree of life grows only in the magic circle, the symbol of one-ness, and that is your garden. It is the only place where it can grow. The power of life comes from that tree.
   Prisons exist too, but they are not inside, they are outside the garden. You can be a prisoner of opinions, fears, guilt or duties. As soon as you enter the gate of your garden, you are no prisoner anymore, all is locked out.


KUN: the picture is a tree 1, in an enclosure 2.   
KUN: difficult; surround, hard-pressed; stranded, poor; hard-up, sleepy; tired. Cognate with 'tie, bind'.
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6 at 3: Tied to stone. Relies on star-thistle and amaranth. Enters his house, sees not his wife. Pitfall.
Never let feelings be conditioned by what 'ought' or is 'good' or is admired by others. Conditioning is one of the worst prisons, it needs not even walls. Let your own feelings speak and listen well. Follow only what they acknowledge as worthwhile. 
(Changes to hex.28)


Above 6: Tied to creepers and vines, to unsteadiness and anxiousness. Says moving causes regret. Have regret. Effectuate that things be set right: auspicious
Every ability comes from out the mind. If the mind says you cannot, then you can not. So exercise your mind, rather than your hands. When you stop believing in obstacles, the mind removes its shackles, and only then your movements can be free.
(Changes to hex.6)

9 at 2: Confined with food and drink. A cordon of Scarlet Sashes coming. Make use of the (ceremonial) presenting of offerings. A rectifying expedition will be a pitfall, avoid faults.
Life is never perfect, there are always a lot of frustrating things, even in a good life. And there are always good things, even in a hard life. Live both sides, enjoy the good, accept the hard. Go a bit overboard in the good things to compensate for the lack in other areas. Soften the hard things by thinking of the good ones.
(Changes to hex.45)


9 at 5: Nose cutting, foot cutting. Confined by Red Sashes. Then gently there is escape. Make use of offerings. 
Your spirit needs freedom. Every man-made rule, fear, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, will diminish its charisma. People listen to a true and large mind, they shun narrowness. As soon as you let the world oppress you, the world will stop listening to you. Even your own body, which needs your guidance, will stop listening.
(Changes to hex.40)
Initial 6 : The buttocks tied to a tree trunk. He enters a secluded valley. For three years he does not encounter anyone.
If you see your status as part of yourself, it is easy for anyone to hit you or make a fool of you - but actually you do it yourself. You live reactions: when they drag you down, obediently you drag yourself down. Stick to your real Self, you will be safe and warm and nobody can hurt you. 
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9 at 4: Coming gently, gently. Confined in a metal chariot. Distress. There is completion (or: distress comes to an end).
When the mind is not free from fears, wishes, fixed ideas or other obstructions, then thinking is dragging. A free mind finds the right choice, decision or action without much effort. So make it free, hand all your ideas over to the gods, and start living. But if you cannot, then do your best - you will also reach your goal, with hard work and later, but an honest effort will get its reward too. 
(Changes to hex.29)


The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to  c 15: An ornamental handkerchief. 
You will have to take care not to spill tears on the ornaments
Above 6 corresponds to  i 15: An officer preparing to drill his men.
9 at 2 corresponds to  a 15: A group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it. 
That's what they did it for. 
9 at 5 corresponds to  g 15: Many toys in the children's ward of a hospital.

Initial 6 corresponds to _ 15: A man muffled up with a rakish silk hat.


9 at 4 corresponds to  e 15: Children playing around five mound of sand.
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE 
Line 1: 'tied' and 'confined' are always the same character, Kun, the hex-name. 'Encounter' is present oneself before a monarch; go on a pilgrimage. 
Line 3: To hit rock-bottom? 'House' is not only one's place, but like one's 'castle'.
Line 4: 'Coming' is to head for the future. 'Chariot' or wheel or waterwheel - tied to a metal wheel?  Wu: a golden cart can mean riches or death. Both terminate regrets. Lines 4 and 6: 'Distress' or 'regret' is lines above the mouth: looking sour. (About line 4: I am not yet satisfied with my comment on line 4, as soon as I have a better one, I will replace it).
Line 5: what I translate as 'escape' is a character which means joy or exchange. But the same character is used in hex. 9.3, about the wheel 'coming off'. With a different radical the character means to take off. Probably in the oldest texts there was no radical at all, and the character dui was used, like the name of hex. 58, and in all these uses it included all meanings which were later specified. See hex.58. 'Escape' or
shed the oppression, it is taken off.
Line 6: Say - move - distress (or regret) - have - distress. Lynn translates as 'he should say to himself: "Take steps that you will regret", for even if it means regret, to set forth here will result in good fortune'.
Line 2 and 5: according to Whincup in line 2 'the red apron of high office is awarded to him' and in line 5 'the red apron of high office is a burden to him'. 
In line 2 a Heng-sacrifice, and in 5 a Ji sacrifice.