Hexagram 46


Step by step

Eminent expansion
Benefit seeing the great man
Do not worry
To set things right in the South:

The great image says:
Earth center gives birth to wood: ascending
The noble one, with devoted character, accumulates small things to become tall and big



day 14 of a yin moon

   Man wants to go one step ahead of what he is. It gives satisfaction, self-confidence, and a purpose in life. It makes life exciting and full of promises.
   Donít do it for others eyes. That may be rewarding too, but only temporarily.
   Ascending is an act of growing. What is done by acquiring is something else, and by acquiring it is not oneís self that ascends. Acquiring cannot create stairs to Heaven, but ascending can. And the number of steps does not matter. Every step is important - especially the first one.
   Do not live past or future, but live the moment, developing itself step by step, like a plant, growing around obstacles. Its goal is not somewhere out there, but in itself, an inherent plan. It is one with what it becomes.


SHENG: The drawing is a measure for grain of Ī 1 liter (Dou, the Big Dipper, is 10 sheng). The wages of officials were set at a certain number sheng of rice. The higher their rank, the more sheng they received. Therefore sheng does not only mean to climb a stairs or to go on inch by inch, but also to make promotion. 
SHENG: to mount, rise, raise, arise, to present to, advance, promote.
Excellent article by Harmen Mesker about Sheng
: Bringing an offering in a high place - to the constellation Beidou, Big Dipper, which "separates the yin from the yang and regulates the four seasons; it maintains balance between the 5 elements; it regulates the moving of the celestial objects; it determines the epoch of the calendar".


9 at 3: Ascend in an empty city.
Fight your way up by battling all enemies and using all your arms. But did you really make sure there are any enemies? An army needs not only fighting power, it needs intelligence too. So first of all evaluate the obstacles, fighting might very often not be the best solution. And fights based on emotions only make things worse, so be careful about which arms can be used.
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Above 6: Shadowy ascent. Harvest: unceasing determination.
When your path leads you outside of known boundaries, nobody can tell you what to do. You have to find your own path, without example, so you need eyes that can see in the dark, a nose that can follow faint scents, feet that can move in slippery terrain and a mind that can imagine the unthinkable. And utter stamina. 
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9 at 2: Inspiring confidence, then harvest: offer a Yue-sacrifice. Without fault.
To make your plans successful, the best start is inspiring others. The gods cooperate joyfully with common enthusiasm, they find many points of application for their help. Everyone brings in his own talent, everyone brings another ingredient for achieving your goal.
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6 at 5: Determination auspicious. Ascend the stairs.
Proceed inch by inch, without skipping steps, then you will attain a lasting result. You will have it in control, and it will be strong enough to exist by itself. The reason for its strength is, that every step comes out of your own soul, you are what you do. No one can ever stop this.
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Initial 6 : Really ascending. Greatly auspicious.
If you go towards your real destination, setbacks will always be followed by new progress. As if it cannot be stopped, it has to go on. But if your mind devises a goal which is smaller than what the gods had in mind for you, you will stumble over your own feet. So make the borders of your mind as wide as you can, and better still: make yourself free of any limits.
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6 at 4: The king brings a sacrifice at Mount Qi. Auspicious. Without fault.
The mind starts something long before any action is taken. Without this preparation actions will be weak and without direction. The mind steers the actions, the intention creates the outcome.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 14: A family tree
Nobody has to start from scrap, there is always a background
Above 6 corresponds to i 14: A lady in fox fur
9 at 2 corresponds to a 14: A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast Move into the unknown with dignity and courage, relying on wisdom rather than strength. 6 at 5 corresponds to g 14: An ancient bas-relief carved in granite
Initial 6 corresponds to _ 14: Shellfish groping and children playing

6 at 4 corresponds to e 14: Telephone linemen at work
First the wires, at the end comes the connection.


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 1. Consent or confidence. The real meaning of this line is probably
'really (and joyously) sheng-sacrificing', see Harmen's excellent article.
Line 2. "Captives use the music instruments (of the yue sacrifice)." Same article.
Line 3.
"Ascending to the hill settlement." Same article.
line 4. 'To' or at Mount Qi. The offering is being carried out, it is not the act of going to do it.
Line 5.  The sacrifice has been accepted. Stairs or steps. See Harmen's article.
Line 6. 'Unceasing determination' might  be: a determination about - or favorable for - not resting. According to Harmen this line should be "
Dark sheng sacrifice. Good result when performing divinations continuously."