Hexagram 45



Gua Poem:
Assemble, expansion
The king serves the temple
Harvest: to see a great man
Harvest: determination
Use big sacrificial bulls
Harvest: to proceed probing

The great image says:
A marsh on the earth, gathering
The noble one puts weaponry out of sight and is alert for danger


day 13 of a yin moon

 You attract what resonates with your own nature. Thus you become the center of a life which reflects yourself.
When the central force is narrow, it creates a dogmatic group, and these groups can be very dangerous. Even when it is only a group of ideas in one head. But a broad rich mind will gather high values.
  On a spiritual level, being one with a group can mean being one with all things and people in your life. When your mind is universal enough, the borders disappear, you ARE your life.

"Serve" see here

CUÌ. A jacket (1) with a sign on it (3): a uniform jacket of a soldier, servant or adherent. This character also means sudden death or accident. At the top 'plants' (2): uniforms like grass. FE4975, [M6880], GSR.490m: assemble, bundle, heap or a lot, collection, dense vegetation. I think what anthropologists call 'union mystique' is also part of this hexagram's meaning.
CUÌ: gather together.
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6 at 3: Then gathering, then moaning. No ground for harvest. To proceed is without fault. Small distress.
For a coherent whole one needs consistent perseverance. Do not find out if it works - make it work. Feelings will always be changeable, one cannot demand perfection and constancy. Just hold on to it.
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Above 6: Moans and sighs, tears and snot. Without fault.
If you want to be heard, then make yourself be heard. If you want to accomplish something together, then ask, explain, suggest, inspire - anything which makes them know your intentions or needs. Come out with it!
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6 at 2: Being led in is auspicious. Without fault. Inspire confidence, then harvest using a Yue-sacrifice.
Make use of the opportunity to become a member of a group. With others or in yourself. Don’t let it go by, it is not easy to make it happen. But the real thing starts when you trust them - or yourself. Don't ask (or try to give) perfection.
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9 at 5: Gathering has ranks. Without fault. Not inspiring confidence. Great ever-flowing determination. Regrets go away.
When things get out of kilter, then it is best to let them all find their own best fit back again. No use to impose an order, the order has to come fromout the organism itself. Then a strong organic whole will grow again.
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Initial 6 : Being true not to the end. Then chaos, then gathering. Like when crying, one handful restores laughing. Do not worry. To proceed is without fault.
No one is always true, but if one reaches out to each other, harmony can always be restored again. Contact is much more important than being perfect. Unity is a question of staying in touch, interested in each others mental whereabouts or, in an enterprise, keeping sight of the overall picture.
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9 at 4: Great auspiciousness. Without fault.
Gather around you what really belongs with you, and yet leave all in its/their own value. It makes realizing of ideals possible. One can put one’s ideas to the trial, help each other in materializing abstract thoughts and develop an idea along many different paths. 
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to c 13: A strong hand supplanting political hysteria
Treat emotions in the way a horse should be handled.
Above 6 corresponds to i 13: A sword in a museum
This sword is made for using
6 at 2 corresponds to a 13: One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb Yielding plus strong is more than strong plus strong.   9 at 5 corresponds to g 13: A fire worshiper
Real worshipping means being it
Initial 6 corresponds to _ 13: A man handling baggage

9 at 4 corresponds to e 13: An inventor experimenting
Put your ideas to the trial


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Image: 'Weaponry out of sight' might allude to King Wen after the conquest: he wrapped up the shields and spears and and made it known he would no more have recourse to wapons of war (see Marshall). 'Alert for danger' might be: 'alert and not anxious'.

Line 1.  'To the end' might be: is not the end.
Line 2. 'Then': the original meaning was 'your'.
Line 5. The "not" is a very strong one. Like NOT!! or not at all.
Line 6. 'Moan', other meanings: to give, sigh, pay tribute. 'Sigh', other meaning: consult