Hexagram 42

The bowl of the raingod

Harvest: proceeding probing
Harvest: to wade across the great river

The great image says:
Wind and Thunder (tempest) increase
When the noble one sees good, his rule is to improve, when there are transgressions, his rule is to reform


day 10 of a yin moon

  Effectuating a sacrifice means to 'make holy'. Making your acts, your life or the gifts you receive, holy, means to increase.  
A great thought, which is not being put into practice, will never reach the Gods. But if you cook your food with reverence in your own little pot, the vapors will ascend to Heaven.
   And put out all your pot and pans, so you will catch every drop of rain. One little shower brings a lot of drops. Without a pot, even torrents of refreshing water will drain away unused.
For every blessing, you have to bring along a pot.


YÌ: on oracle bones ‘effectuate the sacrifice’. W-Zhou: to give, to grant, grant an honorary title.
Augment, increase, add, raise, advantage, profit(able), come too, more, in a higher degree, progressively, help, support, abundant, fill, flow over; proud, exaggerate, excess.

The character is a bowl with water. It might simply be containing water, or it might flow over, or cook over, or the water might be steam rising up from the boiling contents, or maybe water 'into' the pot. 
YÌ: advantage, profit; increase, benefit; good; beneficial; profitable, all the more; even more.
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6 at 3: Increase benefits by pitfall matters. Without fault. Inspire confidence, move central, report to the prince using a seal.
Every creature develops the abilities he needs and loses the ones which are not challenged. Trouble and grief are the base of wisdom, experience, authority, skill, and most of all the ability to use them with caution and insight.

(Changes to hex.37)

Above 9: Nothing increasing him. Someone beating him. The position of his heart is not steady. Pitfall.
When things come falling from heaven, (-in your lap) it is often because your own attitude summoned them, but only a steady heart can have a real attitude. If you cannot live without plenty, your own fears will chase either the plenty or the joy, as long as you have it, and you will be unhappy when you don’t have it. When your heart feels rich in all circumstances, you will probably end up rich in all senses. You will be what you truly believe. Many poor people cannot become rich, not even when they win the lottery. It is because in their heart they are poor and money cannot change that. Their heart goes an acquired course instead of its own course.
(Changes to hex.3)


6 at 2: Someone's increase. Ten pairs of tortoise shells cannot oppose it. A long range determination is auspicious. The king presents an offering to the Supreme Being. Auspicious.
Gods are an ‘outside’ which is deep inside, the inner spark, the Golden Flower, the gem, whatever. This inner spark is the reason for being augmented, no augury will ever contradict it. Other people, fate, the whole world  cooperates with this spark. It may not be visible for eyes, but it is for the heart. 
(Changes to hex.61)


9 at 5: Being true, kind-hearted. No question: eminent auspiciousness. Being true and kind is your own virtue.
Somewhere all your good and bad deeds are written down. They work in your life and form your personality. Increasing the credit side is a matter of innumerable little feats. Especially in small reactions one recognizes the value of a heart, more than in a big good deed, which stands alone. 
(Changes to hex.27)
Initial 9 : Harvest: benefit of performing great deeds. Eminent auspiciousness. Without fault.
If you can do, then do! A cheetah can run, so he is a great runner. Birds have wings so they are great flyers. You are full of abilities, use them as best you can.
(Changes to hex.20)

6 at 4: Move central. Notify the prince, he follows. Harvest: a sacrifice to inspire confidence in shifting the city. 
Do not brag about yourself but be trustworthy, make others know who and how you are and make friends and mutual respect. Then they will approach you for important projects and they will also trust your own enterprises.
(Changes to hex.25)


The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to c 10: Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows
Who can see in the dark can see in the light. 
Above 9 corresponds to i 10: An aviator in the clouds
Advice and rules are always second choice, first comes your own intuition. 
6 at 2 corresponds to a 10: A large diamond not completely carved
The cutter can judge and see the result before anything is visible.
9 at 5 corresponds to g 10: An albatross feeding from the hand
He is not tame - he sees your heart.

Initial 9 corresponds to _ 10: A red cross nurse
Don't think - do!


6 at 4 corresponds to e 10: A fellowship supper
Fellowship does not come by itself, it has to be won.
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 2, see 41.5.
Line 3 and 4. 'Central' or 'halfway'. The prince is the 'Gong' (see hex.6).
Line 5. 'True and kind' or 'truly kind'.