Hexagram 39


Cold feet

Obstruction. Harvest: South and West
No harvest: North and East
Harvest: to see great people

The great image says:
There is water on top of the mountain: limping. The noble one reverses his being to cultivate virtue


day 7 of a yin moon

   If the whole world is cold, hostile and frustrating, then it is obvious you are obediently following the paths of the world.
   Leaving them is frightening; you will be alone, without protection, shelter or comfort.
   But if you do leave them, you will find protection, shelter and comfort within yourself, and after a while also around yourself. Make your own shelter and you will find shelter. Make place for friends and you will find friends.
   Life is not what life is; life is what you make it.  


JIAN: The character represents a man upside down (2) with a big mouth - complaining? - in a hut (1) filled with grass or straw (3). (4) is maybe the floor? This drawing is the only old one I could find, it has no feet: this is 'cold, wintry'. With feet it has the meanings below: 
JIAN: lame. crippled, feeble, slow, difficult, hard, trouble, danger, haughty, lofty.


9 at 3: To proceed: limping. To come: reversing.
When your life does not feel good, then turn inward and examine your true feelings. Do you live what agrees with you? Do you have the feelings you want to have, find the meaning in life you seek? Be severe and discard everything you do not want, and go to everything you need. If you are not severe, you will waste a lot of time, maybe even a lifetime.

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Above 6: To proceed: limping. To come: mastery. Auspicious. Harvest: to see great people. 
To live along the common roads is not being alive. To leave them is not easy, but if one is full of anticipation how it might be, then he will find life. “Leave your father and your mother and follow Me”.
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6 at 2: King's servant, limping, limping. He is not personally the cause.
Ideas can be great, but often they need restriction. Do not feel it as frustration, it may be the only way to make them fit into reality. Without it, they will fly away.
Accept limitations, and go on making your life, in the size which is possible. If you are not allowed to lift your legs when you dance, then create tap-dancing. You have a source, give a form to it, any form the circumstances permit.
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9 at 5: Big limping: partners come.
Do not fear to get stuck, it is always at such moments that someone comes to your aid because there is an opening, like a gap in the market. So let know you can use help. 
When things are most awful, the biggest forces arise to conquer them. So don't fear the bad moments, you will find the strength to deal with them.
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Initial 6 : Proceeding: limping. Coming: praise 
When your situation feels bad or poor or restricted, then don’t turn around to look at it. Go forward, with a bright and clean future before you. This is the way to be full of energy and expectations, to take away the heaviness on your legs and mind and make them swift again. Why carry a past which is not beneficial for you? Even a past which is only a minute ago can freeze everything, so look forward, towards living. If you expect life, life will come.
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6 at 4: To proceed: limping. To come: cooperation.
People do not listen to what they know, they listen to the unexpected, the creative, the new possibilities. If you try to adapt, you will end up alone, but if you are genuine, they will find you, offer their company, and enjoy together with you what you have to offer.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to c 7: A harem
Where life is good and complete, no locked doors are needed
Above 6 corresponds to i 7: A large cross lying on rocks
6 at 2 corresponds to a 7: Two fairies on a moonlit night 9 at 5 corresponds to g 7: A veiled prophet of power

Initial 6 corresponds to _ 7: A woman of Samaria 


6 at 3 corresponds to e 7: Deep-sea divers
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 1 and 3. Coming means also being directed to the future, expecting. Proceeding is going on from out the past. More about these two characters, wang and lai, on page 'origins'.
Line 4. 'Cooperation' or involvement. 

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