Hexagram 35


The Gift

The marquis of Kang benefits of a gift of horses to breed a multitude, mating them three times a day

The great image says:
Brightness comes up above the earth, advance
The noble one displays his bright character himself


day 3 of a yin moon

  Prosperity does not arrive by itself, it visits the people with the right attitude. The one who always carries along arrows is probably the only one who comes home from a walk with a rabbit for dinner. The lord of Kang grasped the opportunity of a gift to breed a meadow full of horses. The first one who sees a gap in the market builds up the multinational. 
   Grasp the small chances, do not wait for the big one to arrive, stay alert with eyes and ears and hands ready, and a quiver filled with arrows.


JN: The character represents two arrows (1) being put into a container (2), or on a support, being brought forward, presented. It might be like the saying of having enough arrows in one's quiver. Yet another possibility is: a representation of Kang Hou mating his horses three times a day. In that case (1) would be a phallus or lingam and (2) a vulva or joni.
: promote; a dynasty (265-420); progress, enter; advance.
About this hexagram and its characters see 'origins'


6 at 3: All consent. Regrets disappear. 
The positivism in one's own heart is the condition for prosperity. Things, animals, people, heaven, they all love the one who has good fortune living in his heart, and they all will cooperate. One's own good luck creates good luck. 
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Above 9: Advancing with one's horns means to attack a city. Danger, auspicious. Without fault. Determination distress
Who advances with a big blare of trumpets should be doing something real substantial, with actual results. Very often all the noise accompanies the birth of just another big enterprise which bleeds to death prematurely. Be on the alert, it might be nothing or it might really be the big bounty.
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6 at 2: Then advancing, then anxious. Determination auspicious. Receive a silk tunic. Pray for blessings to one's ancestress.
Dont rush ahead but take all the precautions necessary. Listen to feelings, intuition, premonitions. Advancing is often not so much a matter of using your feet but of using your antennas, of feeling your way.
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6 at 5: Regrets go away. Losing, gaining, no regrets. To proceed is auspicious. There will be harvest.
One grows from the things that come and go, not from the things one holds on to. Money has to roll, insights, ideas, lessons have to roll too. Life is only alive as long as it is moving. Who holds on to his securities cannot grow.
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Initial 6 : Then advancing, then arrested. Determination auspicious. Be a net, be true. To be rich: no fault.
Prosperity and affluence do not happen just like that, they have to be captured step by step. One needs perseverance and nerve, because time and again one will have to overcome resistance. Not one step can one get for free.
A prefixed course will not get you anywhere worthwhile, so be like a net, fishing up anything you can use, and be true, so you get where you belong, where your Dao tries to get you.
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9 at 4: Advancing like a five-skills-squirrel. Determination danger. 
Knowing a lot of things, but all just a little. Doing many things but not finishing one. Then there will never be any advance. Everything a thing, a relation, your life needs completion. A half-built house is no house, a half-lived life is no life.
Harmen about the squirrel (or mole-cricket)

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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to c 3: Two angels bringing protection
Angels are attracted by angels.
Above 9 corresponds to i 3: A petrified forest
6 at 2 corresponds to a 3: A man all bundled up in fur leading a shaggy deer 6 at 5 corresponds to g 3: The human soul receptive to growth and understanding

Initial 6 corresponds to _ 3: Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover


9 at 4 corresponds to e 3: A house-raising

For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE

Line 1. 'Net - true - rich' can be translated in several ways. Another possibility: to collect captives and riches, or: collect true riches.
Line 3. 'All': the crowd, eye+3 people. Sincere can also mean 'consent'.
Line 4. The flying squirrel or wu-ji-shu, five-skills rodent. It can fly, but not so that it can pass over a roof; it can climb, but not so that it can reach the top of a tree; it can swim, but not so that it can cross a small stream; it can burrow, but not so that it can cover itself; and it can run, but not so that it can outpace a man.