Hexagram 41 and 42

I shall not want Ė my cup runneth over

  Hexagram 41, lake and mountain: mountains cause rain to fall, but the water seeps away, into the mountain. If you do not use up what is offered to you, but cherish it, like the lake saves the water it receives, there will be a reservoir in dry times. Diminishing is augmenting.

   Hexagram 42, thunder and wind: soon showers of rain will fall down on the thirsty crop.

Count your blessings, but do not stop there: put them to use! That is what they are for. 
What you can do, DO IT! Whatever you are, BE IT! You have the spark of life, so live. You develop all the abilities you use, and the ones, which are not used, will wither. Show what and who you really are, then you inspire confidence. Donít do good deeds, but be good, all those tiny good things add up, more so than big things. The small things show what you are, big ones what you do.