Hexagram 32


Steady the helm of the heart

Steadiness, expansion
Harvest: determination
Harvest: to proceed probing

The great image says:
Thunder and wind: Mt. Heng
The noble one stands and does not change his bearings

day 30 of a yang moon

   Stay on your own course, steadying your boat on the big river of your life. Never deviate from your own conscience, feelings, ethics.
   A young man decided to leave the world of society. He started to fish for eel as a living. Every day he fished for bait and prepared his lines, 1100 hooks. The first day he caught many eels, but after that - never again anything. He kept going on and on for 2 years, every day putting out his lines.
   Now he is an artist, famous for his etchings of fishing boats and the harbor. More than 20 years later he learned the cause of catching no eel: he did not pickle the lines, so the eel smelled death and stayed away.
   His dedication did not change, and it brought him what belongs to him, even if it did not make any sense rationally.


HÉNG: At left a heart (1) which might be added later, and at right a boat (2) between two shores (3). According to Karlgren though it is 'increasing moon' (GSR.881, b and c). Mount Heng is the Northern of the 5 sacred mountains, of which Mount Tai, the Eastern mountain (see hex. 11), is the most important one.
HÉNG: constant, regular, persevering, lasting, continual, (loan for:) increasing moon, spread out, everywhere. 
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9 at 3: No steadiness in one's character. One might present a sheep-offering. Determination distress
Without consistency in one's character one gets nowhere, even with the best intentions. Not in one's own life and not with others. The result will be a life of regrets, unless one continuously mends all errors and misunderstandings.
(Changes to hex.40)


Above 6: Stimulating steadiness. Pitfall.
If your steadiness can change through influences, it is obviously not your own heart which sets the course. Try to find your real inner basis, the real values that inspire you. The things that move your soul and not just your ideas.
(Changes to hex.50)
9 at 2: Regrets disappear.
When one is master over one’s passions, one can find in life many opportunities or blessings, love or contacts, which are denied to those in whom they conjure up greed or lust
, or who react too rash. Beauty is a thing to enjoy, not to grab. Contacts are about exchange, not about competing. With a stable character one acts in life, instead of reacting to feelings, impressions or people.
(Changes to hex.62)

6 at 5: Steadying one's character, Determination. Married women auspicious, young men pitfall
Not always a steady character is the best one. Sometimes one has to explore the world, change situations, find new experiences. Or maybe one's character has not found its own shape yet. In other times or places it is better to be steady. So don't ask the gods what to be once and for all, but ask every time anew. 
(Changes to hex.28)


Initial 6 : Scrutinizing steadiness. Determination pitfall. No ground for harvest.
Following one’s course is not complicated, not something which has to be figured out. It comes natural if one is in tune with oneself and universe. Then one’s boat floats all by itself the right course on the river of one’s life.
(Changes to hex.34)


9 at 4: Fields without wildfowl.
Don’t blame the field. If you catch nothing, you are either hunting at the wrong place or moment, or you did not prepare yourself. Hunting is a question of mind, not of hands. A good hunter does not need to run after the game, he waits at the right spot
(Changes to hex.46)
The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to b 30: An unsealed letter
Scattering your thoughts all over the place
Above 6 corresponds to h 30: The field of Ardath in bloom
9 at 2 corresponds to ` 30:  Bathing beauties
6 at 5 corresponds to f 30: The Pope
Initial 6 corresponds to ^ 30: A duck pond and its brood

9 at 4 corresponds to d 30: Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher's head


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 4. 'Field' or hunt.    
Line 5. Or: 'determination about steadying one's character'. Wo
men folk, Man and son. (B.Hatcher: woman of maturity, man in youth. Man and son is FūZi which is also Confucius)
Line 6.
continuously stimulated, Wilhelm: restlessness as enduring condition. The character is hand + thunder: shake, stimulate; vibrate; activate, relieve (famine/etc.), restore order, terrify, abandon. The meanings seem to indicate a changing situation: not good for persevering.