Hexagram 31


Affect and affection

Affect, expansion
Harvest - determination
To take a woman is

The great image says:
At the top of the mountain is a marsh: affecting
The noble one receives people by emptiness


day 29 of a yang moon

  People need contact, and it is a very good and beautiful thing. Enjoy it. But ..
  Evaluate influences very severely, even those who seem innocent or beautiful. Remember
Snowwhite's apple? She looked at the beautiful apple, instead of the person who offered it.
  Usually people do not want to hurt, they influence with the best intentions. They just don't realize how much self-interest these intentions contain. So be careful. A nice kiss can in the long term turn out to be a nasty bite. Don’t blame the one who did it, just never do anything that does not agree with yourself.
  The trigrams say so: inside the mountain, which is you as autonomous individual, and outside the lake, the exchange. The contact can only be real and good if your individuality is at the base of it.


XIÁN: The character represents a halbert (1) and a mouth (2), some say: no mouth but goods. I do not see a relation between smashing goods and influence. The attack with the mouth comes closer, although it is not very optimistic. Karlgren: an assembly of warriors under one command? 
Together, all, unite, complete, fully, generally, everywhere, to move, to touch, dissatisfied, resent. Name of the music of certain emperors. 
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9 at 3: Affect one's thigh. Holding in the hand one's follower. To proceed: distress.
Do not float along with moods or convictions. The other follows yours – you follow his – and in the end a little thing becomes sky-high. If it happens consciously, at least you know what you do, but the ones you do not really think about are the dangerous ones. What you do not test is contagious, especially if a great number of people go along.
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Above 6: Affect one's upper jaw, jowls, tongue.
Words have to be carried by the spirit. If they are dictated by some authority, or by wishes of your own heart, or desires of your body (they can be real dictators), or any other common influence, then they have no value. In the beginning was the word: let your own words be the beginning of creativity, always. Even small words, kind remarks, comments, let them all rest on your deepest inner truth.
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6 at 2: Affect one's calf. Pitfall. To settle is auspicious.
For a good contact one needs to keep one's composure. Impulsive and rash reactions disturb relations. People want to feel at ease and to know were they stand, these two things are the base of being together. 
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9 at 5: Affect one's back. Without regret.
Influences which can be felt in the back or neck are the strongest ones and the most difficult to trace. They are intense and mysterious, they go back to primitive feelings of fear, agressivity, power, trust or mistrust. If that influence is positive or negative decides most of all how a relation will be.
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Initial 6 : Affect one's big toe.
Relations bring in new things, a new idea, a new love, a new opportunity. If nothing stands in the way, then grasp this chance for new enthusiasm and new energy. It is the steam and adventure made possible by a relation. They are much harder to find when being alone.

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9 at 4: Determination auspicious. regrets disappear. Unsettled, going, coming. Friends comply with your thoughts.
For real contact one has to let go of etiquette and starchiness. Many people complain of the grind in their relationship. Be spontaneous, be just as new as every new moment, share every upcoming thought, be a bit crazy, a lot happy and don’t forget playing.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to b 29: A mermaid
Don't jump after her, just enjoy meeting her.
Above 6 corresponds to h 29: Butterfly emerging from chrysalis
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 29: The first mockingbird in spring
Like the one swallow which does not make a summer
9 at 5 corresponds to f 29: A fat boy mowing the lawn
Keep the entrance to your place accessible
Initial 6 corresponds to ^ 29: A celestial choir singing
Many planets together in their mutual harmonies make your horoscope 

9 at 4 corresponds to d 29: Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge
Facts are rational, but to combine them all one needs irrationality or holism


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Judgment. 'Grasp a woman' or get a wife?
Great image. Marsh or lake.
Line 1. Big toe or thumb.
Line 3. Or:
If one has a sensation in one's thigh, one should hold on to (what follows:) the lower leg.
Line 4. The character for 'your' is a balance, meaning maybe 'balanced thoughts instead of 'your' thoughts?