Hexagram 30

To catch the bird of brightness

The Bright Bird, harvest - determination
Raising female cattle is

The great image says:
Brightness doubled brings the Bright Bird
The great man illumines the four regions by his continuous brightness



day 28 of a yang moon

  Moments fly past like birds. You will have to catch them right now, to enjoy something when it happens, to seize an opportunity, to realize a flash of insight. Life is full of those bright little birds.
  If you can seize them and care for them, they may turn into big things, feeding your life and soul. The sum of all those small things will make your life to a bright and shining one.
  The mind can discern and catch those moments. It filters out what is not relevant by letting it slip through the net. The Bright Birds are what is relevant and visible.


L: At right a bird, and at left a bird-net: to catch or having caught a bird. Nowadays the net-part means: a bogey, bright, elegant, to oppose. 
Meanings: name of a bird, Oriole. Loan for leave, depart from, to be dispersed, distribute, arrange, vis vis, meet with, fall into, fasten, attach, pass through, droop, hang down, light, brilliance, to be separated from, differ from, to defy, to go against, paired, hedge.  
In the MaWangDui YiJing the name of this hexagram is Luo, a snare, net, to catch: the picture at right. 
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9 at 3: The Bright Bird of sunset. Not drumming on jars and singing, then big laments of old age. Pitfall.
If you are not able to use little events as cause for joy, happiness or togetherness, difficult times will be a disaster for you. Useless things can be extremely useful in another realm of consciousness, so open your eyes and look for them. If your heart stays young and open, so will you.
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Above 9: The king makes use of going out on an expedition with a celebration, chopping off heads. The catch is not the enemy. No fault.
In order to make an idea visible for others, one has to make a show. Only truth is often too dim for others to become inspired. Do not deceive them, but make a theat
re of what you have to say.

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6 at 2: Yellow Bright Bird. Very auspicious.
Always look for the center. If you are not sure you will actually hit the target, then stay in the middle, never leaving it very far. If you try to climb higher or travel farther than your own Tao indicates, you will make a big fall some day. Not only losing your possessions, but your friends as well: only those who go their own road have real friends. People leave those who go beyond their own size.
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6 at 5: Producing tears in streams, grieving with laments. Auspicious.
One shows oneself most clear in one's sorrow. Tears often say more than words. A contact that is based on deep and genuine feelings is rich in value and honesty.
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Initial 9 : Treading is staggeringly. Respect it. Without fault.
It is not necessary to be perfect. Everybody recognizes a serious attempt and an honest effort. It is better to show a clumsy truth than a fake show. 
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9 at 4: Then arising suddenly, then praised, then dying, then thrown away.
Things which are too superficial, too fast, too light to make roots, they disappear again without even leaving traces. But sometimes things are not meant to be of eternal value. A smile, a joke, a hug, don't make them heavy. Enjoy the moment and go on.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to b 28: Many little birds on a limb of a large tree
Yggdrasil has a huge trunk but also whispering leaves, gives shelter to the growling bear but also to chattering birds.
Above 9 corresponds to h 28: A tree felled and sawed
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 28: A man declared bankrupt 
Bankruptcy is only possible with borrowed money.
6 at 5 corresponds to f 28: An old bridge over a beautiful stream
Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 28: A large disappointed audience
People will always recognize if one is genuine

9 at 4 corresponds to d 28: A man in the midst of brightening influences
Don't try to grasp them all, only what you can absorb


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 3: "You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing." -- Michael Pritchard
   Jung says (Wilhelm-Baines, p.119) that in the Parsee religion fire and care of the cow are connected. The Divine Light, or fire, was manifested in the mineral, vegetable and animal world before it appeared in human form. Its animal incarnation was the cow, and Ahura-Mazda was nourished on her milk.
   My view is that hex.30 is about manifestation, the things that are or become visible. In the world, but also in your mind: consciousness,
acquire awareness, brightness: the capacity to separate things.
(Hex.29 as its counterpart not 'invisibility' but the manifestation of the other half (right half) of the brain. Coping with feelings, fears, desperation).
I think for a farmer a herd of cows is the most manifested way of being a farmer. All this sun turned into big animals. A crop is a nice thing too, but it disappears every year, sold or eaten, and the herd of cattle stays year after year.
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