Hexagram 29


The teachings of danger

Repeated pit
If one has truth and a considerate heart, expansion
Moving brings reward

The great image says:
Flowing waters reach the goal: Repeated Pit
The noble one moves according to principles and virtue, he uses repeating to teach practice


day 27 of a yang moon

    To get out of dangers or misery is not by solving problems. It is by leaving the fear. In the arts of fighting one learns to get used to danger, so it does not call up fear anymore, and defense can come entirely out of one's skill. No fear interfering.
    Then one can be like water, adapting, fitting into any form. Water in a cup acquires the form of the cup, in a lake the form of the lake. It is smooth and flowing - and can be terribly crushing.

Deep inside one has a stable, quiet and safe core, but in the course of life, most people forget about it. Just remember it and no danger can afflict you. Visit the dark secret depths of your heart and bring the wisdom of your soul back to life.
Water is the primeval chaos, the great mother of everything, without form or limit, eternal. It is a gift of the gods, and to go to its source is to return to holiness.


    XI KAN: The name of the hexagram is not Kan - it is Xi Kan. Xi is repeating, skill, routine, learning something by training or exercise. The same character is used in hex.2 line 2.  Xi iscomposed of 1: 'wings' or flying, and 2: sun (or maybe: white). Kan is 3: earth, and 4: exhale, exhausted, lack (of breath or money), debts. Kan is a pit or a danger, crisis, a burial pit, physical deficiency, depression; the sound of percussion; a snare, crisis. So Xi Kan means repeated pit, habitual danger, but it may also mean: the danger of routine. 
    In the MaWangDui YiJing this hexagram has the name Gan: pay taxes. A distress that will come back again and again, and certainly in old times it could be life-threatening. Its other meaning is to pay for the music, maybe also like 'to pay the piper'. 
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6 at 3: Coming to the pit of pits. Risks, and also stuck. Entering the pits trap fall. No benefit.
Despair or fatalism block every hope for finding a solution. Solve the blocking of the heart, only a free heart can ever find solutions.
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Above 6: Tied with cords and ropes. Shut in between dense thorns. Three years acquiring nothing. Pitfall
If one tries to make life unassailable, it disappears. Its most important quality is its vulnerability, changeability. Give it a solid base, but upon that, make it alive, delicate, new every day.
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9 at 2: The pit has risks. Seek small achievement.
It is all about the first step out of trouble. After the first step the path shows itself. So don't try from the beginning to manage it, just take the first step. 
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9 at 5: The pit does not overfill. The earth-spirit is already calm. Without fault.
If you create your life within the scope of your abilities, it will be strong. Problems will not exceed it, because the things you tackle do not exceed it. All is carved out within the one piece of stone you have got for creating a life. 
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Initial 6 : Repeated pit, entering the pit's trap fall. Pitfall
Do not become the difficulties yourself, stay on your own path. If you feel bad because a situation is bad, then you are in two pits. Do not permit yourself to become anything else but you. 
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6 at 4: A flask of wine, a platter added, using earthenware. Received handed in from the window. At the end no fault.
Even in a dungeon one can live if one is able to pick up the smallest signs of friends. Knowing they think of you, they love you. As long as there is one tiny opening in your mind, any sign of anyone can make life go on. 
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to b 27: Daybreak
Even insolvable problems change some day maybe tomorrow morning?
Above 6 corresponds to h  27: An ancient pottery bowl, filled with violets
Make and keep things alive and young.
9 at 2 corresponds to ` 27: A gypsy coming out of the forest
Knowing your way in the danger you can walk anywhere.
9 at 5 corresponds to f 27: A sculptor
It seems so solid now, but you formed it all yourself, chip after chip
Initial 6 corresponds to ^ 27: Lost opportunity regained in the imagination
Imagination can conquer reality.

6 at 4 corresponds to d 27: An airplane hovering overhead
Do they see you? Yes, if you think so.


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 3: Risks and also stuck might be: 'Risk. For now rest'.
Line 4: By agreement might be 'simply'
Line 5:
The earth-spirit is already calm might be: 'Merely already level'.