Hexagram 27


Jaws, determination auspicious
Contemplating the jaws is the origin of seeking real substance for the mouth

(The great image says:)
Thunder at the foot of the mountain: jaws
The noble one uses cautious language and limited food and drink


day 25 of a yang moon

  From all sides we absorb many kinds of things, they all enter our inner space. Be careful what you allow to enter your mind. Watch the food you eat (yes, it enters your mind too!), the information you accept, the thoughts you think, the facts you see, the fantasies you imagine.
  They all together fill your soul, they shape your intuition, and they decide what you emanate.

  If you eat inferior food, entertain ugly thoughts, believe distorted information, then you will never be able to live a valuable life. It will have no value for you and not for those around you. On the other hand, if you keep a sharp eye on all your food, you will develop an infallible intuition, a reliable guide for everything you do.


YÕ: The character represents a jaw or chin (1) and a person's head (2). Chin, cheeks, nourish, rear, take care of oneself.
More about 27 and 28 and on Harmen's site (hex.27 in Dutch)


6 at 3: Rejecting jaws. Determination pitfall. For ten years no use. No ground for harvest.
The purpose of food is to sustain life, for the body and the spirit. Don't turn it to a dogma. Only eating what is 'right' or only eating what tastes nice are both wrong. Food should be healthy as well as tasty, feeding body and mind as well as eyes and joy.
(Changes to hex.22)

Above 9: The germ of jaws: danger. Auspicious. Harvest: to wade the great stream.
Spiritual food is the source of every kind of food, even of the daily bread. When the soul is nourished, very little and simple food will be enough to survive. When the soul is starving, even the best food is not enough. Many people postpone a certain death because their soul is still too much alive. Waiting for a grandchild to be born, or a wish to be fulfilled.
(Changes to hex.24)


6 at 2: Wholly intent jaws. Rejecting the regular path to the hill. For jaws to set things right: pitfall.
Do not try to restrain what is by nature excessive. Changing a Tao causes accidents. In the world all is about the normal, but the world lives by what is abnormal. So give the excessive enough room to exist. 
(Changes to hex.41)

6 at 5: Rejecting the regular path. A settling determination is auspicious. It does not permit wading the great stream.
Do things YOUR way, not like they 'ought' to be done. Accept no boundaries to your imagination. Then you can live in a small space. You will find all you need in your own soul and in your close surroundings. It is amazing how little food is enough when one eats only true food. It is the taoist way of living, with a small life and a huge mind.
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Initial 9 : The magic tortoise abandons you and you contemplate me moving jaws. Pitfall.
Good times don't last forever, but if their end will be a disaster or merely an end - with the possibility for a new start - is up to you. Tackle things with a positive attitude, go on living, accept things and make the best of them. Don't expect anything to come from someone or somewhere else, but rely on your own powers. If you want to eat, then search for food.
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6 at 4: Wholly intent jaws, auspicious. A tiger's view is greedy, greedy, his desires are pursuing, pursuing. Without fault.
If one is always intent on finding nourishment, one will find food where-ever one is. Unseemly, improbable or even impossible things and places carry values. They are seen by eyes intent to see, ears wanting to hear, a nose catching scents of trails.
(Changes to hex.21)

(see also Marshall about tiger and dragon)
The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to b 25: A camel crossing the desert
I donít think he will make it if he rejects half of what he finds
Above 9 corresponds to h 25: A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 25: A man trimming palms 6 at 5 corresponds to f 25: A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse
Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 25: A double promise

6 at 4 corresponds to d 25: Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf
It is the mind, which reveals the information, not the leaf itself


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Judgment. Other translation: 'contemplate the jaws, seek yourself something for the mouth'. 
The great image. Other translation: 'is cautious in his language and limits his food'.
ine 1. Or: my jaws or your jaws drooping.
Line 2 and 4. 'Wholly intent' is a character which is composed of truly + head, but it can also be translated as overthrow, fall down, top of the head.  
Line 2 and 5. 'The regular path' is literally 'the warp', but the same character is also used for the ®'scriptures' (like Yi JING) and the meridians, the channels in the body along which Qi flows. Line 2 can be translated: 'A jolt to the jaws shakes the channels in the mound of the jaws' (see Wu JingNuan, his book is mentioned on the page 'sources').