Hexagram 25



Eminent - expansion, Harvest - determination
An incorrect attitude brings disaster through shortsightedness
No ground for harvest

The great image says:
Below Heaven rolls Thunder, beings associate in innocence
The ancient kings made use of lush growth in accordance with the seasons to nurture the myriad beings 


day 23 of a yang moon

   Not succumbing to things is a question of Qi. Keeping far from disease, bad influences, fears and sorrow may help some, but only a little. It causes many restrictions, but is not safeproof. 
   The best remedy is to make your own body and soul safeproof. Connect your soul to heaven and nature instead of human matters. Live the fullness of a natural and open life, allow your soul to go deep and high, do not stay on the common road where everything is mediocre. Enjoy beauty and happiness, energy and love, so sorrow and fears cannot get hold on you. Where everything is full of life, decay can find no place.


W WNG: W (1) is a man exerting himself in vain against an obstacle. FE2195, [M7173], GSR106. Not, have not, lacking, without. 
WNG (2 + 3) is composed of (3): a woman and (2): a broken sickle (according to Li Leyi, see picture) or (enter into) a hiding place (Wieger). Still another possibility: it is written like ke
3 permit (a mouth or womb with something in it) or bao1 wrap or contain (a womb with a fetus, GSR1113), but in wng it is written without anything in it: an empty womb, a barren woman. In those times a great disaster,  
WNG: false, absurd, foolish, incoherent, wild, reckless, error, embroil, disorderly. (Lynn:) errancy. 


6 at 3: The disaster of innocence. Someone binds his cow, road-people's gain, town people's disaster. 
Who relies too much on rules and laws reckons too little with the unexpected. Rules are man-made, nature often does not heed them. The one with a free mind, looking after himself and able to assess risks, is seldom struck by mishap. But often pleasantly surprised by a slice of good luck. 
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Above 9: Innocent moving brings disaster. No ground for harvest
Everything which you allow in yourself will show itself through your talking, acting, thinking, feeling, what you follow and even how you look. If it is good and rich, you will rise, if it is negative, you will sink down.
So take care, don’t act blindly - first make sure your mind is clean.

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6 at 2: Not plowing reaping, not preparing maintaining fields. Then there is harvest by proceeding probing. 
Do all now and with innocence. If you reckon with next, the now has no power. Without past and without future now is illimitable. Do not BE the things you are supposed to do. If you are free, all will be done when it should be done: by proceeding probing, reacting to the right moment, to universal rules instead of human rules.
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9 at 5: The illness of innocence. Do not use medicine, have joy.
Living in an innocent way doesn't mean your mind is never heavy. Covering poor feelings with diversions doesn't cure them, and medicine cannot reach its roots. Accept it as part of the time and accept your place in the big picture. Inner joy is the most effective cure.
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Initial 9 : Innocent proceeding. Auspicious.
Every human being has the potential to make things grow. A child, an idea, an undertaking, whatever. It will grow if your ego is not in the way, if you are open to life. A mind which is open to nature is a fertile field. 
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9 at 4: He can determine. Without fault.
Cocks do not announce the sun being or feeling great. They do because cocks do - they obey their tradition, their destiny, their creator. This is the way to conduct a sacrifice, leaving all in the hands of the gods. That is why a prayer says "Thy will be done". These four words make it a prayer instead of a wish. 
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to b 23: A bareback rider
Some learn to ride on a horse, others learn to ride on a saddle
Above 9 corresponds to h 23: A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 23: Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree
Worry about falling is detrimental for flying
9 at 5 corresponds to f 23: Immigrants entering

Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 23: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load


9 at 4 corresponds to d 23: Chanticleer
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Wng (woman + extinguish) is incoherent, but r (woman + mouth) is '-like' or 'as if'. Women were taught (or expected, or maybe only hoped for) to adapt their words fluently to what the man was saying. 'Woman-talk', the way a geisha can move along with men's talk. When r is added to an action, it moves along with the moment. This is especially apparent when it is used double: in hex.3.2; 14.5; 22.3 and 4; 35.1 and 2; 45.3. In hex.30.4 it is even used in fivefold. 
    'The ancient kings' moved with the seasons, that was the way to make nature yield all that was needed. 
    I looked for synonyms for 'natural', which is closest to my idea about this hexagram. These are the ones which add meaning too: unaffected, spontaneous, genuine, artless, sincere, relaxed, open, effortless, ingenuous, unpretentious.

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    The lines
  Line 2. preparing or maintaining fields: one-year land (new land), three-year land (older land).  
 Line 5. Joy: beat the drum and sing; another meaning: pregnant. Pleasure-herbs: plant + musical instrument (=happy): medicine, drug, but also 'cure', so the sentence might also read 'No cure having joy'
  Line 6. Disaster: by shortsightedness, cloudy eyes. The disaster of line 3 is different (flood and fire): worse but probably not one's own fault. Without probing harvest (nothing furthers) means probably 'no harvest', or 'no use probing', but could it be that doing things without searching for the best way might bring harvest? 

   The Sabian Symbols
  Line 1. Pastel colors: forget your self and find your SELF, make your ego-colors less noisy by adding the 'natural', the white of being without purpose. Things within can be a heavy load, but if you accept and value them, dedicating them to higher ends than personal ones, they will prove to be the base of your creativity. 
  Line 4. Chanticleer thinks his crowing makes the sun rise. Give all your actions this same dedication and conviction and holiness. The tiniest thing you do is important. Do not suspect Chanticleer of inflation. The contrary is true, he is serving universe, dedicating his whole existence to it.