Hexagram 24

Return to your town

Returning - expansion
Going out and coming in without affliction
Friends come without
Coming and returning on one's road, a seven-day cycle
Harvest: to proceed probing

The great image says:
Thunder in the center of the earth: returning
The first kings closed the frontiers at sun solstice, peddlers did not travel, the Hou did not inspect the region


day 22 of a yang moon

   Follow your own road, your own Tao. Only by being oneself over and over again, one fills in one’s place. Like the sun gets it’s meaning from creating day after day, year after year.
   Who follows his Tao, can be relied upon. Everything he does has the same base, how divers it may be.  
   A Tao can only be followed if one flows along with it. Trying to stick to one road all the time will not work. Every Tao always is a never-ending succession of days and nights, of coming and going, of cycles, endings and new beginnings. Moving in cycles, eternally, that is what Tao looks like.


: A foot (2) is leaving a town (1). It means to return to the way you use to go, to resume or carry on your own cycle. For sun and planets: going their own orbit.
return, turn round or over, duplicate, to repeat, to go back, to retrace, to answer, again, to compound, complex, to recover. 


6 at 3: On the brink of returning. Danger. Without fault
If one’s aim is always to return to one’s essence, in every situation or action, one has not chosen the easiest way of living. Often it will cause difficulties, but the reward is great. How many people will ever find the place where they belong? This is the way to find it.
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Above 6: Losing the way at returning. Pitfall. There are calamities and mistakes. To set the army marching ends in a great defeat, causing the country ruler a pitfall. For 10 years incapable of a rectifying expedition.
One feels the right Way deep down inside, in one’s ‘bones’. If there are other things overruling this primitive knowledge, even if they are rational, of common sense, or things people ‘approve’ of, then the results of one’s actions, even one’s entire life, will be a big disaster. 

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6 at 2: Relaxed return. Auspicious.
Who has strength can return thus matter-of-course that nobody will contest his decision. Everybody will immediately accept it as the natural thing to do. One’s own ease makes ease with others. Everyone will have the freedom to be what he is, which is the base of good relations.
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6 at 5: Magnanimous return. without regret. 
Never feel inferior when having to return from an error. The error is not important, however big it was. The return is important, and a big achievement. Who is able to return proves his value.
Many people love to wash someone’s dirty linen in public: it is only telltale about them, not about you. You do your own washing up.

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Initial 9 : Not from far returning.  Without reverence or regret. Very auspicious.
The best way to return from an error is from out one’s own insight. Regret also makes one return, but usually too late. Someone telling you is a way too, but when your own insight is not part of it, you will probably make the same fault again (.. and again). Whereas insight gives your life its real destination – the highest one fate has in stock for you.
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6 at 4: Move central (halfway), return alone.
Meet others, don’t reject them and don’t submit to their views, but meet them halfway. Respect everyone in their uniqueness, yourself just as well. So return to yourself again after every encounter.

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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to b 22: A carrier pigeon
Always coming back home, with the message
Above 6 corresponds to h 22: A rug placed on a floor for children to play
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 22: A barn dance 6 at 5 corresponds to f 22: A Chinese laundry
Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 22: The gate to the garden of desire 6 at 4 corresponds to d 22: A child giving birds a drink at a fountain
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Hou: the queen or the prince, descendant of the ruler, see hex.44.