Hexagram 21


Biting through

Biting through, expansion
Harvest: benefit of lawsuit

The great image says:
Thunder and lightning: Biting through 
The ancient kings made the penalties clear to enforce the law  



day 19 of a yang moon

   To make real changes in life, one needs the powers of a shaman. No biting through the obsolete is possible when one is locked inside ones normal, everyday and all-too-human flesh. A shaman can leave his body, fly to strange places and come back with a changed mind. He can see through illusions because he can fly higher. He can throw away habits because he is no prisoner of himself. Humanity has always used drugs, they make it easier to be a shaman, but unfortunately they usually forgot they had also teeth. Even the best shaman needs in the first place good teeth.


  SH. The character (biting) is composed of bamboo (1), shaman (3) and mouth (4). Shaman + bamboo is oracle-consulting with yarrow stalks. Shaman is work (2) + two people. But an older character does not show either: It looks like a sorcerers symbol (8). According to W-HY it is derived from the character five (9).
SH: to bite, to gnaw, loan for reach, come to.
  K, this character means 'till the teeth meet, or clasp them'. And also: speak excessively, to crack. Together with shi (bite) it is biting through. It is composed of mouth (4) dish (6) and a lid or a 'closer' (10). So 7 is a dish with lid. The lid (10) was originally a drawing of a man with a ball between his legs and might have meant castrate: remove, leave, depart, close.  
: to shut, loquacious, sound of voices, crack something between the teeth. Pronounced hia: laugh.


6 at 3: Biting cured meat, encountering poison. Small distress. Without fault.
When emotions get trapped, one has to make them free again. It always hurts - oneself, someone else. But one has to do it, one's first duty is always to live. Arrange your life such, that you can always give your emotions the freedom they need. Not by giving them no home, but by giving them a movable home. Life will be richer for yourself and for those around you. 
(Changes to hex.30)


Above 9: Wherefore a cangue extinguishing the ears? Pitfall.
One hears what one expects to hear and does not hear or see reality. It is tunnel thinking. Do not enter the tunnels of common opinion (or your own dead-end one) - rather leave them by thinking further ahead and expecting the uncommon. Prick up those ears!
(Changes to hex.51)
6 at 2: Biting skin, extinguishing the nose. Without fault.
Go deeper than the surface, even if that seems very far. Even if the found values threaten to change or destroy the boundaries drawn by normal thinking. And maybe that is exactly why you should.
(Changes to hex.38)

6 at 5: Biting dried-out meat. Acquiring gold. Determination danger. No fault.
When one makes the root of difficulties visible or conscious, one creates the possibility to do something about it. There is a natural resistance against doing this, because it means change, which is usually hazardous. But it also means a new life - or even a life at last. 
(Changes to hex.25)


Initial 9 : Shoes are foot-fetters, extinguishing the toes. Without fault.
Prevailing views prohibit your own way of moving. Find your own ideas, however crazy. It is the only way to lead your own life and to find all the creativity and happiness life can yield.
(Changes to hex.35)

9 at 4: Biting dried-out meat with the bone. Acquiring a metal arrow head. Harvest: a difficulties' determination. Auspicious
Only when one goes to the bottom of things, one finds the causes of trouble. Nobody likes to go there, finding problems which are difficult to solve. But it is the only way to make things work really good.
(Changes to hex.27)


The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to b 19: A houseboat party
Joy on the surface, carried by deep mystery: food for the heart.
Above 9 corresponds to h 19: A forest fire quenched
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 19: A large archaic volume 6 at 5 corresponds to f 19: Pelicans moving their habitat
Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 19: The magic carpet 9 at 4 corresponds to d 19: A gang of robbers in hiding
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 1, shoes: same character as the name of hex.10. 'Foot-fetters' is the same character as 'cangue' in line 6. GSR 1166i says foot-fetters, but I guess in line 6 it is not for the feet.
Line 1, 2 and 6, 'extinguish': water + fire + weapon: put out fire.
Line 4, meat on the bone or leftovers. Sentence might be: difficulties determination brings good fortune.
Line 4 and 5: finding or acquiring is 'result in'
Line 5: danger is cliff + scorpion.

  Never try to silence your inner voice. It will speak anyway, but if you do not listen it makes you listen the hard way, by inflicting it upon you.
  The shaman speaks (your inner voice or God's voice or grandpa or your guiding spirit, thunder) until it is clear (fire, brightness).
  You need to be of one piece, throughout, in order to be you and not make severe mistakes, and the inner wise man tells you what lives inside. Not only inside yourself but in other things and people as well. 
  I do not know why this inner voice is not always clearly audible, maybe to prevent daily life from becoming too complicated. One has to bite through to get the picture, if one does not it stays in a firmly closed vessel.