Hexagram 20


The heron

Hand washing and not yet sacrificing
Possessing true devotion

The great image says: The wind blows over the earth: observing 
The ancient kings inspected the whole country 
They contemplated the people and set up education 


day 18 of a yang moon

   The heron sits immovable for hours – and in a split second he grasps a fish.
   In order to see, one’s own inner world has to be still. Every inner sound overrules the signals, or colors them and distorts them. One can only see under water when the surface is quiet.
   And to be as vigilant after hours like in the first minutes, that is also only possible with inner stillness. Time does not exist, every minute is a new minute.
   Who does not exist himself can see the world, because he does not look, he sees.

About the character yong "devotion" see here.

"devotion" see here

GUAN: The character represents a man with a big eye (1): to look or see. At left a bird with big eyes and a crest: a heron. The eyes might be mouths: a bird with clamor (the oldest graph has no eyes - and no looking man either). More information on it is HERE.
GUAN: see, look, regard, cause to see, show, observe, behold, inspect, to display, point of view, conception, aspect, scene, sight, look-out tower, Taoist monastery or temple or shrine, embellish oneself, to travel for pleasure.
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6 at 3: Contemplating my own life. Advancing, withdrawing.
Look to what your own life is and needs, and let your advancing and withdrawing be decided by that. Not by rules, custom, demands of others, fear, reactions, whatever. Live, and make sure that you really live.
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Above 9: Contemplating someone's life. A noble man, no fault.
If your life is good in your own eyes has a lot to do with other people. You can accomplish great things, but it is the simple fact of love which tells about its value. If your heart is noble counts heavy. If your mind is intelligent or creative or elevated above others counts very little, if anything at all.
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6 at 2: Contemplation with a narrow view. Harvest: woman's determination. 
If you can see only a small part of something, then stay nimble and open. Creativity can do a lot with few possibilities, if one refrains from a predetermined course, always ready to answer to the moment.
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9 at 5: Contemplating my own life. A noble man, no fault.
Look at your life as if you assess a stranger. See your own good and bad sides. For both one needs honesty, both are difficult. Look without pride, but with love, and important: with sense of reality. Not your intentions count, but the results. Both in the world and in yourself.
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Initial 6 : Youthful contemplation. For small people no fault. For a noble man distress.
To see without consequences is not of much value. Seeing can make consciousness, or understanding, or helping others, solving trouble, whatever. Seeing goes farther than the eyes.
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6 at 4: Contemplating the honor of the state. Harvest: make use of being a guest of the king.
In order to guard abstract values, one has to be practical. To honor the king is a good thing, but to keep him alive comes first. A country may need a good king, but in the first place a living king.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to b 18: A teacher of chemistry
Before and after the arrow is the same number of atoms and yet a different world.
Above 9 corresponds to h 18: A man unmasked.
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 18: Two Chinese men talking Chinese.  9 at 5 corresponds to f 18: Tiny children in sunbonnets.
Initial 6 corresponds to ^ 18: An empty hammock.

6 at 4 corresponds to d 18: Two men placed under arrest.
Not to punish, but to safeguard the others


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
20.0 The character for worshiping or sacrificing is grass + a legendary animal, a unicorn or elk. 'The wind blows' means nowadays also: popular, in fashion. 'The whole country' is a character which depicts maybe a man with a carrying pole, but it looks very much like a man holding on to something or someone at both sides: forming a cordon, not missing one inch of the space. 
Line 2, looking through a tube.
Line 3, advance-retreat also means sense of propriety.
Line 4, guest is roof + soldier: maybe a garrison stationed to keep the place safe, quiet or under control.
Line 6, 'someone' is the character qi. It was used often by the Shang people with scapulimancy: divining with 'oracle bones' or turtle plastrons. The graph is a basket, probably a winnowing basket. It means a probability, or what one would like to happen. "Wish that, might, will probably, hope for, aim at, someone, one's, his, its". Here it might mean the life one aims for, instead of the life of someone else. Contemplate 'a kind of' life. Then the meaning of the line would be: choose a clear goal and be open about it, to the world and to yourself. About QI: HERE