Hexagram 19



Overseeing. Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination. Reaching the eighth moon there is a pitfall.

The great image says:
Above marsh there is earth, overseeing

The noble one teaches and ponders inexhaustibly, he tolerates and protects the people without limits


day 17 of a yang moon

    On old pictures one can find the All-seeing Eye. It is the eye of God (or Allah, Manitou, whoever), looking down to the earth. In hexagram 20 it is the goddess, the female aspect of looking down, hearing prayers and sorrow and joy. Here it is Law itself, seeing, caring, and providing what is needed. It is the father of the family, making sure everyone can follow his Tao and find his destiny. His ego is not involved, he is objective and severe and fair, and without limits.
   He is like nature, like universal law, caring for all creatures but not being nice to them, creating life but not making it easy. Natural forces, storm and rain, wind and sunshine, they seem all merciless, but they sustain all life on earth.


   LIN: The character is composed of a man bending over (1), with a vertical eye (2): a slave, vassal or officer (GSR 377). Bending makes your eye vertical. And three mouths or objects (GSR 122). If they are objects, the meaning is class, to classify, quality, area, small, content, conceal. If they are mouths, it indicates a number of people one cares for. But they also resemble Ding (population, attendants or sound of wood-chopping) GSR833, L-LY64.  Another old form of Lin shows connecting lines between the eye and the objects (a).  
   LIN: oversee; be adjacent to; approach; face; overlook, arrive; be present, copy (calligraphy/painting), on the point of; just before; be about to, facing.
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6 at 3: Sweet nearing. No ground for harvest. Finish grieving it, avoid faults.
When you are 'nice' to others, they will inevitably disappoint you, because you expect something back. Be yourself, that is the only way to give something of value. Only then you really give, and only then they really receive. The exchange will be full of life, for everyone involved, so you expect nothing, you already get plenty.

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Above 6: Generous nearing. Auspicious. Without fault.
A small heart occupies a big place in one's head. A big heart forgets itself and thinks only of the other and his well-being. But life is a fair merchant: for every thing one takes, one pays a piece of one's soul. For everything one gives, one acquires soul.
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9 at 2: With affection nearing. Auspicious. There will be harvest.
Help stays weak if one is not able to live free a
nd strong oneself. Only who is an egoist in essential life values can be a true altruist. And don't give help where it is wasted. Help those who are able to use spiritual help or enough spirit to use material help in a positive way.
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6 at 5: Wise nearing is the style of a great prince. Auspicious. 
When you know how to near people, how close, what to accept and what not, how to stay yourself and let them be who they are, how to attract those of value and keep distance from the harmful ones then you have the assets of being a leader or teacher.
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Initial 9 : With affection nearing. Determination auspicious. 
Every caring has to be with love. One action which is not right can mess up everything. One moment of forgetting can be a disaster. Leaving the baby a minute alone, forgetting a medicine, not noticing the papers near the fire, forgetting an appointment. The 'mouths' one looks after have to be a part of one's mind, always, every moment.
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6 at 4: To the highest degree nearing. Without fault.
Everybody has to live his own life, so grant everyone his own Tao. His decisions, his way of life, his death. Acknowledge it as part of his being, do not withdraw and do not try to make it fit your own convictions 'for his own good'.
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The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to b 17: A nonvested church choir
The tailor makes the man - but not his song
Above 6 corresponds to h  17: A watchdog standing guard
9 at 2 corresponds to ` 17: The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality 6 at 5 corresponds to f  17: An Easter service (early A.M.)
Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 17: Two prim spinsters

6 at 4 corresponds to d  17: A retired sea captain
Able to start able to stop


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 3. It says 'without probing harvest', so this could also mean: without probing yet there will be harvest. And even: Sweet nearing without probing. Harvest: already grieving over it. 
Line 5. 'Style' translates yi, a sacrifice at the earth altar (see Marshall 'Mandate of Heaven'). Nearing like a great prince does for the sacrifice.

   In old texts Lin is used for 'descending to the valley'. That was coming (back) to the village, were the people live. I think the other meanings were derived from that. It is used now for approaching a moment or point. In science: the critical point (f.e. the critical temperature) and for nearing a point or line (two lines nearing each other by a formula, the distance becomes immeasurably small, but never zero). And for nearing death, for mourning and sickness: the vertical eye looks down on a person. 
   Hex.19 and 20 are a pair: 20 is observing and seeing, 19 is looking and acting or looking with care.