Hexagram 17


Follow without resistance

Eminent - expansion 
Harvest - determination 

The great image says:
In the center of the marsh is thunder: Following
The noble one, towards nightfall, goes inside to eat and relax


day 15 of a yang moon

   A violin that has been made by a master resonates only with pure tones, and it does so deep and abundantly. A cheap one resonates to many tones, but in a dull way.
   Make sure everything you do, or add to yourself, is made of Pinus Resonanza wood, and according to universal proportions. Then your life will resonate with the good and worthwhile, and you will be a Stradivarius for yourself and everyone you meet.

SUÌ: The middle part of the character (1) is a foot + road: to go. It has been abbreviated to 1a, and then the road became only three slashes. The left part (2) is a height or mound and the right part is a hand with a tool (3, only the tool: 3a) and meat (4). This right part in its total means mashed meat, and the left and right part together also have this meaning or sacrificial meat. This sacrificial meat was buried after the sacrifice, so one can imagine how much resistance there was left in it ...
SUÌ: To follow, to trace, to come after, to listen, submit to, comply with, to let (it go, it be etc), to accompany, together, to conform to, forthwith, subsequently, in the course of time, obsequious, foot.

6 at 3: Related to the big man, losing the small child. By following one obtains what one seeks. Harvest: determination about settling.
Follow what you see as big and valuable, and do not regret the small you have to leave behind. Dedication will reach its destination and find its fulfillment.
(Changes to hex.49)
Above 6: Embracing it and relating to it. Therefore following it and netting it. The king offers a Heng-sacrifice at the Western Mountain.
What you embrace will be what you follow, even without any conscious effort. So find yourself positive and beautiful thoughts, gods, images, people, deeds, feelings, goals. Go to rich places, connect with rich thoughts and avoid everything objectionable.
(Changes to hex.25)

6 at 2: Related to the small child, losing the big man. 
One can fulfill one life. As long as the small is possible, the big cannot be found. So live the small. Honest small might be bigger than you think. To follow higher aims is not a question of ability, but of impossibility to follow anything else. And if what you are is not enough for you, you might end up with nothing at all.
(Changes to hex.58)

9 at 5: Inspiring confidence in excellence. Auspicious.
Everybody is able to surpass the restrictions of his human life. When one resonates to higher things, one can make them part of life, and thus give life an essential meaning. One needs a form to exist, but it does not have to be a small form.
(Changes to hex.51)
Initial 9 : The standards are changing. Determination auspicious. To come out of the gate and interact brings achievement.
Who stays inside does not notice the world is changing. He stays behind and loses his ability to bring about things. Weave the patterns of the time into your life, in order to understand your time and be understood. 
(Changes to hex.45)

9 at 4: Pursuing brings a catch. Determination pitfall. Inspire confidence on your road and use intelligence. No need to feel faulty.
For achieving something by answering to events, one has to stay true to oneself, and also one has to react quick and clear to anything coming on that road. Stay in tune with reality, and realize that trying to avoid faults will stifle flexibility.
(Changes to hex.3)
The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to 15: A pageant
The tail of the pageant consists of those who could not resist following
Above 6 corresponds to 15: Two lovebirds sitting on a fence
6 at 2 corresponds to 15: Two Dutch children talking
Same interests is great - or small? Depends.
9 at 5 corresponds to 15: The ground hog looking for its shadow
Initial 9 corresponds to 15: An Indian weaving a blanket 9 at 4 corresponds to 15:  Circular paths
Find out where a path goes before you follow it, or get a compass

For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 2 and 3. The big man is 'an 11,5 feet tall grown up man'. Feet used to be smaller in former times I guess. 
Line 4. 'why feel guilty' or 'carry the fault' or 'how can it be wrong'.
Line 3. 'Seek' is literally a fur coat. But a coat makes no sense here, so I think the later meaning of seek is very old. 'Settling' is sitting on tradition: to reside. 'Following, possessing, catching' or: following means catching (to catch or to be caught?). 
Line 4. No need to feel faulty or: what can be wrong, how can this be wrong?
Line 6. Sacrifice at/to Western mountain. Heng is the same character as 'expansion', it is a sacrifice for success. Another explanation of this line: holding on to something strong or high, and giving thus others something to hold on to. Lynn translates: seize and bind him, then so tied up make him follow.