Hexagram 16

Weaving images

Harvest: establishing feudatories, moving legions

The great image says:
Thunder emerges from the Earth, flying over the fields: YU. 
The ancient kings composed music, honored virtue,
with dancers worshipped the Lord on High.
They associated with the deceased ancestors. 


day 14 of a yang moon

  Inspiration needs big images. They don’t have to represent big things – even out of something small one can make a big idea.
  An elephant surpasses human size, it carries people and heavy weights, it can move about immovable things. Only an image of more than human size can sweep along people. 
  Touch the elephant first: is it real? It might be a dream, or someone might try to cheat with a virtual elephant. But if it can really carry the things promised, then it is the means to surpass the borders of an idea or existence that is only-human.
It encompasses all those feelings which make an impression of coming from somewhere else, from the gods, from heaven - certainly not from logical human thinking. How can one explain the origins of a great inspiration, an insight, a foreknowledge of an event? But if one has access to these things, success is in his hands (see line 4).  

  Character, YU4: an elephant (1) and a shuttle (2): weaving big images. The character 'elephant' also means image, like in "the great image says": the elephant says. 
  In later characters (1) looks more like two hands, passing on or handing over (3). 
Ył: enthusiasm; in advance, beforehand, make or get ready; participate in; pleased, content, happy, comfort; travel, a trip; to cheat, lie, hesitate, indecision. 

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6 at 3: Big-eyed weaving of images: regret. Hesitation brings regret.
Wait for the right moment to act or react, for influencing or being influenced. Inspiration is not enough: actions need a base, boundaries, a form, and the right time and circumstances. Don't let the moment pass by - and bragging about what you are going to do (or waiting for consent) might cause exactly that.
(Changes to hex.62)


Above 6: Obscure weaving of images. Accomplishment has setbacks. No fault.
Don't expect others to follow your obscure ideas. The ideas may be good - inspiration often starts as faint hunches - but when others join in, they might be dragged along expecting a lot but possibly finding only disappointment.
(Changes to hex.35)


6 at 2: Set it in stone. No end to the day. Determination auspicious.
You can only do what your enthusiasm tells you to if you are totally determined. It 'has' to be done, fix that in your mind. Then you will be able to go on until you really achieved it!
(Changes to hex.40)


6 at 5: Determination: affliction.  Persevering, not dying.
Inspiration will get lost if it is not caught within necessity or difficulty. Creativity will become reality when it comes up against a wall of obstinate matter, of unbelief, loneliness. When everything is too easy, creativity evaporates without crystallizing.
(Changes to hex.45)

Initial 6 : Known for the weaving of images. Pitfall.
Think twice before you turn an influence or idea into an action. Things are not always what they seem at first sight. Impulsive action can cause a lot of trouble - like when Adam and Eve got themselves sent out of Paradise. So think!
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9 at 4: The germ of weaving images. There is great achievement. Do not doubt. Partners are united like a hair clasp does. 
In everything one does, it is timing which is the most important. The ability to answer to the influences of the moment in time is the key to success, friendships, harmony. To a life in accord with the cosmos. 
(Changes to hex.2)
The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
6 at 3 corresponds to b 14: The human soul awaiting opportunity for expression
There is a lot in there, but open the right door at the right moment
Above 6 corresponds to h  14: A train entering a tunnel
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 14: A conversation by telepathy
Most people don't believe in it, they just use it. 
6 at 5 corresponds to f 14: The Pyramids and the Sphinx
The greatest buildings on earth are dedicated to death.
Initial 6 corresponds to ^ 14: A serpent circling near a man and a woman

9 at 4 corresponds to d  14: A noon siesta
Everything has its own best time


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 1. 'Expressing' or 'singing about': the character is a bird with mouth, a singing bird. Same character is used in hex.15.2
Line 2. 'Situated' is chain-mail.
Line 4. 'Partners are united like a hair clasp does'. Another translation is: Why not string the cowries?
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