Mount Tai

Mount Tai: small proceeds, great comes up 

The great image says:
Heaven and Earth unite: Eminence
The ruler fashions and completes the Tao of Heaven and Earth
He supports mutually with Heaven and Earth their order
He stands by the commoners


day 9 of a yang moon

     Tai is about imploring for favors and blessings and receiving abundance and prosperity. If you ask the gods for blessings, you will receive them, because you open your mind to see them. Some people find things in places where many others went before and found nothing. Happiness is the result of a state of mind, and going to Mount Tai is to find that.


TAÌ: The ideogram as a whole looks like a great mountain: Tai Shan himself, in the West of Shandong. 'Tai wind' means West wind. He was for the Zhou the most important of the 5 holy mountains, their most direct connection with the divine one’s. 
  At the top DA4 (1) the character “great”, like the great peak of a mountain. Then two hands GONG3 (2), looking like the woods embracing its flanks, and at the foot in the center “water” SHUI3 (3), the brooks and rivers running down its slopes and bringing life and prosperity to the valley. 
  I found a very old version of the character tai: see at right, below the moon. It is a picture of wind, blowing around a tree: the West Wind. So Tai, the 'Eastern sacred mountain' is closely connected to the West wind (blowing towards Mt. Tai, not from it).
  TAI: Grand, great, eminent, supreme, excessive, arrogant, spread out and reach everywhere, quiet, ease, good luck, effortless, honorable, prosperous, too much, exaggerated, lofty; name of a mountain

  About Tai Shan and the other sacred mountains of China: click here.


9 at 3: Without level places no slopes. Without going no returning. In hard conditions determination: no fault. Do not worry over a truth. (Even) an eclipse brings blessing. 
Never worry about anything you cannot change, and do not try to change what is not your business. Accepting good and bad both is the best way of coping with fate. It is the foundation of love, all kinds of love, for life, for yourself, for others.
(Changes to hex. 19)


Above 6: The bulwark falls back into the moat. Do not use legions. Issue orders in one’s own community. Determination: distress
One proves one's quality when fate hits hard. No use fighting it, just make order and lead all those concerned. Do not define a course to take, but be ready for every opportunity. This is only possible if the mind is open for the gods. Never fall asleep when status and security seem solid and safe. Any moment fate can change, always stay alert. 
(Changes to hex. 26)

9 at 2: Reckon with crop failure, profit of horse and ice to cross the river, do not forget the remote and lose friends. One acquires honor by moving in the center.
Make your mind open and alert for all the possibilities life offers you - the setbacks and the lucky ones. Each one of them can make the difference between failure and success. Success usually does not depend on a talent to accomplish, but on a talent to grasp chances. Avoid extremes, chances live where all sides can live. 
(Changes to hex. 36)


6 at 5: Emperor Yi marries off his younger sister. Thereby is blessing. Great auspiciousness. 
The spirit finds and makes harmony if he gives everything its right place and if necessary takes action to accomplish this. He connects the elements of life with each other and lays the foundations for prosperity and happiness. 

(Changes to hex. 5)

Initial 9 : Uproot Mao-grass. Entangled roots, due to it’s kind. To make order is auspicious.
Blessings usually come in pairs, clusters, or even in big packs. It is because they come not on their own accord, but because they are attracted. One soul attracts them, another one does not. Act and live in a way that is blessing-prone. Listen to universe: it tells you how.
(Changes to hex. 46)


6 at 4: Fluttering, fluttering, not rich in one’s neighbor. Not on guard because of inspired confidence.
Don't rely on others, but trust yourself! It might bring about disaster. But it also brings about that one can live without limits, without adapting to rules, completely according to one's own heart's desires. It is the strongest way to accomplish what you want. God helps who helps himself.
(Changes to hex. 34)
The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to b 9:  Glass blowers.  
Melt what breaks and blow it again
Above 6 corresponds to h 9:   A flag turned into an eagle. 
9 at 2 corresponds to ` 9:  A quiver filled with arrows.  6 at 5 corresponds to f 9:   A mother with her children on stairs. 
Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 9:  A crystal gazer.

6 at 4 corresponds to d 9:  Three old masters hanging in an art gallery. 
Art is bigger than life, that is why everyone wants it


For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
Line 2: The character ping, which I translated as 'horse and ice to cross' means to 'walk' across a river: a dry or frozen river. The ideogram is horse and ice. If the big river is suddenly dry or frozen, then take your chance, react immediately. 'He' is the yellow river. According to Hertzer, it is the horse of Xiang Yu, who gave it as a present to a ferryman.
Line 4:  not on guard - no limits