Hexagram 09

Xiăo Chù

Tending small livestock

Small accumulation
Shrouding clouds, no rain from our Western fields

The great image says:
Wind moves high in heaven, small accumulation
The noble one cultivates the pattern of virtue. 


day 7 of a yang moon

 Wind over Heaven, spreading the seeds.
   A shepherd keeps his sheep calm through the calmness of his own mind. He lets his sheep find their own preferred kinds of shrubs and grasses, and just sees to it, every moment, that all are safe.
   Hex.9 is the opposite of hex.16, with its big images and motivation. Xiao Chu is the small harvest, the profit which comes from steady work, from seeds growing into plants. Being content with the small gains achieved.
When one accepts the slow way in which nature works, one creates the space, where one's true path can unfold.

XIAO3: The character above (1): 3 grains of rice or sand - small.
The character below, CHU4 or X4 is composed of silk SI1 (2) and field with plants TIAN2 (3). According to Wang Hongyuan: not silk but bolas, an ancient throwing weapon (2), with the symbol for hunting (3). According to others, it is not SI1 but XUAN2, profound or dark, dark-colored, black. Later use: mystic, mysterious. Li Leyi p.389 says: silk (2) and field (3): the harvest of silk and crops.
Ù: animal, livestock. On oracle bones: raise livestock.
Pronounced as X4: rear or raise (livestock or children), nourish, support, cherish, suffocate, suppress, accumulate, store, gather, keep, meadow, put out to pasture in nature, conform with, follow, tolerate, support, docile.
D ch: big cattle. X is exchangeable with the same character with 'plants' added: collect, store, save up, hoard, reserve, accumulate, restrain, rear, breed
About hexagrams 9 and 10


9 at 3: The cart loses spokes. Husband and wife turn away their eyes.
Reactions are telltale of the spirit in the house. If they are a bit wrong in small mishaps, they will be disastrous in big ones. So pay attention to all the small and big events, and especially to reactions.
(Changes to hex.61)

Above 9: Already rain, already dealing with it. Thanks to the virtue it carries. Housewife determination: danger. The moon is almost full. The noble one rectifying: pitfall
Every change always contains unexpected possibilities, but you find them only if you’re open to it. Stay versatile, things always change in an unexpected way. Be creative, don’t stick only to your own job. Never be too sure of anything. And even if you are the one who knows everything, even then don’t force anyone.
(Changes to hex.5)


9 at 2: Led by a cord to return, auspicious.
When running a small farm (or anything that can be symbolized by that image) it is good to be reminded convincingly of the things one should do. 
Don’t let contacts distract you from your
own road, but do use their reactions as tokens of your own influences. Reactions of others can tell you a lot about yourself and your actions.
(Changes to hex.37)


9 at 5: Inspiring confidence, making order (out of chaos) thus. Rich through one’s neighbor.
Make friends with people when things go well, then they will be your friends when times are tough. Sincerity and trustworthiness, compassion and generosity are your tools to give structure to your life and its surroundings.
(Changes to hex.26)

Initial 9: Return to one’s way. How could that be faulty? Auspicious.
Go your own road. When you stray off, then go back again. Sometimes it will be difficult, people expecting you to act in a certain way, you yourself insecure or convinced another way is better. Being and doing what you essentially are, can never be wrong.
(Changes to hex.57)


6 at 4: Inspiring confidence. Blood goes away, fear goes out. Without fault.
Small human matters, fears, ties, frustrations, they are forgotten when inspiration brings big images, ideals. Now one is no longer following human patterns, but dedicating oneself to higher aims. When the soul 'knows', there is no fear. He will follow his knowing.
(Changes to hex.1)
The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines
9 at 3 corresponds to b 7: The constellations in the sky
In one house Mars gives energy, in another house the same Mars gives fights. 
Above 9 corresponds to h  7: A child born of an eggshell
9 at 2 corresponds to ` 7: An old-fashioned well 9 at 5 corresponds to f 7: Cupid knocking at the door

Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 7: A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once
No practical results without mental results


6 at 4 corresponds to d 7: A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks
Keep your own yard in order; that is life
For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE     
Shrouding clouds, no rain' is a common expression in Chinese: trouble coming. 
Line 1. 'How could that be wrong', literally 'carry one's fault'. The character 'carry' means nowadays 'wherefore'

  Take care of your life.
  Look after your people, your place, your animals, your self. Everybody healthy, safe, enough to eat, fresh water, brushed and combed, a clean stable, fresh straw, comfortable? Talk to the ones who need a word, and listen to the ones who need an ear.
  There is one very important thing though: health and safety are very valuable, but what comes in the first place is happiness. So make sure everyone, including yourself, has room for his own happiness. Do not restrict, leave doors open for those who need an open door. Don't be a slave of duties.