Hexagram 02


The Energy of Earth

Field, eminent - expansion Harvest - determination of a mare.
The noble one proceeds probing. As pioneer he meets with confusion, in the rear he finds a master.
Harvest: in the Southwest finding friends (or money), in the Northeast losing friends.
A determination of peace: auspicious. 

The great image says:
The basic disposition of earth is female 
The noble one carries everything with great generosity


    The earth lies motionless, time after time. Nothing moves, nothing lives. But deep in her darkness something is waiting. Patient, or asleep.
    Then the energy and the vibrations of thunderstorms touch her, and suddenly she is all over vibrant with life. Lightning, thunder, rain, they come and
go suddenly, but a whole year of luxuriant growth has started. Day after day more life, but the earth herself did not change. She is eternal dark, quiet and patient.


Kun1 is composed of 1: TU3, earth, either a heap of earth or an earth altar. 2: SHEN1, meaning stretch-out, spirit, ghost, explain, to state, express, power of expression or lightning. In it’s oldest version it is written more or less like a double spiral: a picture of lightning. In many old cultures the spiral was a symbol of the primordial waters, the upper ones represented the formless potentiality, the lower ones the potential of form. Together the full potential of manifestation. The spiral is the rhythm of life, of birth and death, the expansion and contraction of yin and yang. And also thunder and lightning, the dynamic of life.   
KUN1: passive force of realisation, receptivity, compliance, obedience, female, feminine. Nature and space.
In the Mawangdui Yijing hex.2 is CHUAN, the flow, stream or water, maybe the female organ. An old way or writing 3 broken lines is also like the character chuan.
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6 at 3: Harboring qualities permits determination. If one follows king's affairs, without achieving, he completes. 
One's inner pattern decides what one accomplishes. Honor is of no use, dedication does the job. Act as if it is for a king, not for a goal: the value is in the doing. 
(Changes to hex. 15)

Above 6: Dragons struggle in the wild. Their blood is black and yellow.
Not accepting fate means one brings about a life full of difficulties. One does not only fight what happens, but more than anything else one fights one's own soul. Accept life the way it is and cherish it, then any life will be a good life. Make clear choices: do - with joy, or choose not to do - with joy.
(Changes to hex. 23)


6 at 2: Straight, square, great. Without skills there will be harvest.
Without doing, nothing not done. One accomplishes what one is or lives, not what one does. Greatness accomplishes great things. 
(Changes to hex. 7)

6 at 5: Yellow skirt. Eminent auspiciousness. 
A good heart shows in everything one does. Inner beauty shines through the outward appearance and actions. Therefore a good ruler does not have to rule. He is the rules himself, so he does not need books with rules.
(Changes to hex. 8)


Initial 6: Treading on hoarfrost, hard ice is arriving.
Every thing and every time has its Dao. The earlier one sees the signs of this Dao, the better one can act according to it. One’s degree of sight and insight decides about the direction one’s life might take. One's ability to act in time decides if it actually will.
If you want to marry her, then go for it. But if you are not certain you want the solid ice, then now is the moment to save your ass. In both cases waiting a little bit too long can cause lots of suffering.
(Changes to hex. 24)


6 at 4: Enclosed in a bag. Without fault, without praise. 
Don't judge or choose about good and evil. It narrows the mind and makes it unfit to follow the time. Earth does not choose, it gives every being room for its own Dao.
Many things seem important but are not at all essential for life. Simply stop thinking about them and life comes back in all its splendor: because you keep silent. It is like watching wild animals, they come only if you are not-present, but part of them.
(Changes to hex. 16)
Benefit of sixes: Harvest: everlasting determination.
Dao is the field that supports and brings to life everything, all beings. Dao has no action at all of its own, and that frees the way for creation and energy. When everything is receptivity, nothing stands between man and universe or man and god. If man can merge with a thought, an action, an ideal, then nothing can stop him.
(Changes to hex. 1)

For the meaning of  Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination click HERE
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About the spiral: Williams, Penguin Dictionary of Symbols, page 907. see link Books
Line 1: stepping on hoarfrost is an expression meaning marriage (Marshall 2000)
Line 6: 'black and yellow': xuan, black, means also mystery. So black and yellow can also mean mysterious or invisible, and shining or visible.