Hexagram 15 and 16, teamspirit and inspiration.
(reckoning with others vv rushing ahead)

15 QIAN, give and take

  Ban Xiang          
Hu Gua           
Qian Gua         
Jiao Gua          
Pang Tong Gua
Trigrams mountain earth
Nuclear  40
Inverse  16
Reverse  23
Complement  10

  Picture at top: QIN, the ancient character and its parts.
QIAN1: At right jian1, a hand you2 or chi4 (3) holding two (or many) stalks of grain he2 (2) or maybe arrows shi3, meaning unite, concurrently, simultaneously', and at left words yan2 (1): to speak in such a way that speaker and listener come together. In the WangJiaTai Yijing, another old version of YiJing, there is only the right part, no 'words'. That might be the original form.
QIAN1 Modest, humble, reverent, polite, respectful, retiring, self-
effacing, missing, lack.
Interchangeable with qian1, same character without words: simultaneously. Also with xian2 with rad. woman: to suspect, and with qian3: pleased, satisfaction, to please someone.

  The characters at left: words or compounds with QIAN1
1 Mawangdui (mouth-unite) hold an object in the mouth, hate, disagreeable (like clenched teeth).
2 (unite-bird) mythical bird, green and red, has one eye and one wing, and flies only as couple. Symbol of unity of a couple.
3 (rodent-unite) ancient, mammal, hamster (grey rat)
4 (heart-unite) satisfied
5 (exceed unite) too modest
6 (money-unite) gain, profit, cheat
7 (unite it) furthermore; besides
8 (woman-unite) suspicion; dislike
9 (unite inferior) moonlighting; side job

All meanings seem to share "adding the missing part", which can reach from the hamster or rat, grabbing what he needs, up to modesty, giving or appreciating what is needed.

    Hexagram 15, working and living with others, adapting.
    In living with people, do and be the best you are, because that is your social contribution. Everyone has his own skills, his own character. What every community of people needs is the presence of everyone as what he essentially is. Only then they can be a team, working and achieving together, everyone being an indispensable part of the whole.
    Pride, ambition, jalousy, disdain, rudeness, all these things spoil what you are or do. Contribute what you are able to, and give voluntarily way to others, so they too can add their capacities. Respect others and respect yourself. If you are a servant, then be that servant. If you are a leader, then be that leader.
   For others you have a face, an image or imago. Make it a true and clear one, so you and the other know what you are.

16 YU,  weaving images

  Ban Xiang          
Hu Gua           
Qian Gua         
Jiao Gua          
Pang Tong Gua
Trigrams earth thunder
Nuclear  39
Inverse  15
Reverse  24
Complement  9

Picture at top: Y4, the ancient character and its parts.
Y4: an elephant, xiang4, (1) and a shuttle, yu4, (2): weaving big images. The character 'elephant' also means image, like in "the great image says": the elephant says. 
In later characters (2) looks more like two hands, passing on or handing over (3). A shuttle is also thrown from one hand into the other and back, so the meanings are closely related.
Y4: enthusiasm; participate in; pleased, content, happy, comfort, amuse oneself, recreate; travel, a trip; to cheat, lie, exaggerate a price, hesitate, indecision, perplexity; tired, annoyed, take an aversion, weary,
to believe, to think, recognize ; give, grant ; approve, permit, authorize.  One of the 9 provinces of the Xia dynasty, established by Da Yu (Yu the great), in Henan. Now also short  name for Henan.
Exchangeable with Y4: in advance, beforehand, make or get ready, and with J4: to participate in.

The characters at left: words or compounds with Y4
1 Mawangdui (eat-I) left-over, extra, surplus; remainder
2 (man image) portrait, image, resemble
3 (as-if weave-image) hesitate, be irresolute
4 (appear weave-image) phenomenon; appearance
5 (atmosphere image) prevailing spirit/atmosphere, climatic phenomenon
6 (image to-be) look as if, seem
7 (empty image) virtual image
8 (feel weave-image) imagine, fancy, visualize, imagination
b xinghu (not image speech) unreasonable, shocking, ridiculous.
xingynr (image manner child) presentable; decent.

Weaving images can be the excitement before a feast or of a group of tourist sightseeing, a person's appearance, or the lies of a fraud. Not the substance but an "extra", the Mawangdui character makes that very clear. An extra which makes life colorful.


    Hexagram 16, Weaving Symbols or Passing on Images.
A symbol is a powerful image which connects human beings with each other and humanity with its sources. It connects the visible with the invisible, showing the meanings of the visible world.
Xiang, FE 5725, [M.2568], image, is a picture of an elephant, the biggest creature known to the ancient Chinese. Its meanings: elephant, ivory; magic spell, omen, portent, shape, figure, form, portrait, image, representation; diagram, pattern, model; create an image, phenomenon, the outward appearance of something, especially weather or heavenly bodies; act, play, imitate, to resemble; write, writing; law, rule; stars and constellations.

    A symbol explains to the imagination the base of important features of life, through symbols one can be part of the spirit of life. They are so deep embedded in the soul of humanity that they bridge all individual or racial differences. In different cultures symbols are often described or painted looking very different, but they have similar meanings, despite their different looks.

    To pass on images is called symbolic participation. The music and dancing of the ancient kings was sharing the spirit of life by sharing symbols. Honoring virtue: telling the stories of great deeds, together participating in courage, insight, greatness of mind. Small personal egos did not exist, an union mystique was created, everyone was part of one greater mind, which gives a liberation, compassion and joy far exceeding everyday freedom, contact or pleasure. It is a compelling experience, this is the purpose of all religions.

And for everyday use:
    Inspiration and motivation are the colors of everything one does. Without them existence is gray. A duty is a heavy task, but with motivation you don't feel any heaviness. Inspiration can make a simple life to a rich one full of joy.
    If you lack motivation, then try to find it. Being open and curious, as well as exchanging with others opens doors to new ideas or to recognition of your skills, giving them more color, for yourself as well. Maybe you will even discover abilities or interesting fields you never knew existed.
    Don't forget your sound criticism though in the process. Many inspiring things turn out to be fake or damaging. Or they are too big to handle and overwhelm your life.
    Make sure you can handle the elephant before you lodge him in your house.